FIFA 22 EA Play Trial: Test out the game for just 79p

Many members of the FIFA community are buzzing for the arrival of FIFA 22, especially after the recent Ultimate Team reveal - detailing what's arriving in the mode at launch.

For some, they aren't convinced just yet - and will need a taste of the game to decide if it's worthwhile the £69.99 / $69.99 purchase.

Fortunately, the EA Play Trial can grant you access to 10 hours of gameplay, nine days before the game's official launch.

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Not only that, but a special price is available.


Cheaper than chips

79p to test out FIFA 22 is an absolute steal - plus you can make a headstart in Ultimate Team as well.

Normally priced at £3.99 a month, you can pick up this deal on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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LET BATTLE COMMENCE - FIFA fever is about to take over

Xbox players can find the deal on the Microsoft stores on their consoles - or can add EA Play to their accounts right here.


It's a similar case for PlayStation players, but make sure you move for the "EA Play 1 Month Discount offer" as opposed to a one month subscription.

This will allow you 10 hours of gameplay from Wednesday, 22 September.

Additional bonus

Not only will EA Play get you an early taste of the game - but it will also make your actual purchase of FIFA 22 cheaper.

EA Play gets you 10% off game purhcases, meaning you can buy FIFA 22 for a more "reasonable" £62.99 / $62.99 (PS5 & Xbox Series X) or £52.99 / $52.99 (PS4 & Xbox One).

What to look out for

There's plenty on offer from FIFA 22 this year, and at first glance it looks as if EA has delivered a game fitting for Next Gen consoles.

Hypermotion Technology

The flagship arrival for FIFA 22 - expect the gameplay on Next Gen to be like something we've never seen before.

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FEEL IT ALL - Hypermotion should give us the most realistic player movement yet

For the first time, EA has used 11 vs 11 motion capture - tracking the movement of all 22 players on the pitch - offering never seen before realism.

Expect defenders to now defend as a unit, whilst attackers will make more intelligent runs and strike the ball in a more realistic fashion.


Start from the bottom (or top)

Career Mode gets its biggest arrival perhaps ever - with the ability to create your club and commence your managerial journey.

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CUSTOMISATION STATION - From kits to badges to stadiums, you can build a club from scratch

You choose which league you go into, the starting transfer budget, the stadium design, kits and decide what the make up of your generated squad will be - from seasoned veterans to wonderkids - and the overall ability of the roster.


FUT Fiesta

Many FIFA fans will plug straight into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team - and who can blame them with plenty on offer this year.

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SCALE UP - Items rated under 80 OVR will be eligible for Featured TOTW cards

The weekly TOTW drop has been spiced up with the arrival of Featured TOTW items - which will continue to grow throughout FUT 22 so that they don't become unusable after a couple of months.

FUT Heroes arrive, with the likes of Joe Cole and David Ginola representing particular leagues - and it also looks like they will receive special items somewhere along the line.