Tactical AI rewrite will transform the FIFA 22 gameplay this year

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We are getting closer to the launch of FIFA 22 as EA has now revealed the full details for the FIFA 22 gameplay with an official trailer and in-depth pitch notes.

We have heard all about the new Hypermotion Technology now, and it is a different feature that has caught our attention.


Tactical AI Rewrite

EA has torn up the script and rewritten the way AI players will play in FIFA 22.

This is exciting news for us FIFA fans as many of us will have found the AI blocking incredibly frustrating throughout last season.

There were plenty of other small annoyances too, like why your forward can never spot the seemingly obvious space to run into, but I digress.

The new AI will impact players both on and offline, so check out the full details.

What is Tactical AI?

Before I go into too much detail and tell you that Tactical AI is the best thing since sliced bread, let's take a quick look at what EA has said.

We rewrote the intelligence and tactical approach of all 22 players on the pitch, emphasizing their roles, personality, and teamwork.
Players better understand their teammates and how to work together, and also better understand opponents’ tactics and movements.

This all seems like things we have heard before, but let me put your mind at ease for we are just getting started!


Attack the block

Let us start off with the attack as after all, no one wants to grow up and be a Gary Neville, am I right Jamie Carragher.

Your attacking players will now make up to six times as many decisions per second than in FIFA 21, allowing them to better exploit spaces left by your opponents.

This will also allow them to showcase their "nuanced Player Personality". This sounds great, although we must admit we are not 100% on what it will look like.

The Attacking Positioning attribute looks to be more important than ever though, as it will determine "the effectiveness of these behaviours".

To sum up, your attacking players should understand their own attributes better, and utilise them in a more effective way.


Down on defence

It looks as though the defensive side of the game has received the most work, or at least the most noticeable in-game work anyway.

"Your defenders can operate more as a unit with the new Tactical AI, maintain the shape of the formation when moving across the pitch, cover vacant spaces, mark each defending zone accordingly, and bring more authenticity to their overall defensive shape."
alaba fifa 22 kinetic air battle
UNLUCKY - No more full-backs at CB

That's great, but have they fixed the OP full-backs at CB?

"Placing any player that is not a Centre Back in a Centre Back position will negatively impact their defensive positioning".

Praise the Lord. No more Luke Shaw, Kevin Mbabu, or whichever pacey full-back to dominate at centre-back and make me want to cry during Weekend League.


Beware the fatigue

With new and more detailed team instructions, you can shape your team to play your very own brand of football.

However, you need to be careful as it could leave your defence fatigued and exposed.

"Defensive Work Rates and fatigue have a significant impact on the defensive positioning of players".
fifa 22 defence tactics
MORE CONTROL - Adjust your team to suit your style

While we are not sure just how significant the impact will be, we would definitely advise against instructing your defence to high-press for 90 minutes!

Similar to the attacking players though, the Defensive Awareness attribute will be the most important in determining how your players respond.


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