Season 7 releases more Icon Swap objectives to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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Season 7 has begun in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with the Festival of FUTball also continuing to provide some fantastic new content.

We are excited to see what promo events EA has up their sleeves as the current promo has certainly fulfilled expectations.

We have also seen the next set of Icon Swap objectives released, so make sure you know how to complete them.

Latest news - Complete Icon Swaps 3 ASAP

With nine Icon Swaps 3 tokens to unlock, there are loads of objectives to work through if you want the top prize.

There are four sets of objectives that you will need to complete in Squad Battles alone, requiring a total of 28 games in Squad Battles which is nearly six hours of game time.

However, you can half this time by combining two objectives at a time.

How to complete Icon Swaps 3 Objectives II as quickly as possible.

Release Date

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 6 ended on Friday, 18 June, with Season 7 following on straight away.

As ever, loads of new objectives and rewards have been made available, and the final nine Icon Swaps III tokens have arrived too.

EA Play Live

Get it in your diaries folks, EA Play Live will arrive on Thursday, 22 July meaning it should arrive during Season 7.

Electronic Arts revealed the official date on Twitter and it also confirms that the event will run separately to E3 2021.

E3 2021 will begin a month earlier on Saturday, 12 June, and end on Tuesday, 15 June.

You will be able to watch on a live stream on various social channels, and at the very least we should get a first look at the FIFA 22 trailer.


Every new season on FIFA Ultimate Team releases new objectives to work towards, and new rewards to unlock.

This trend will likely continue once more in Season 7 with the usual 30 levels to complete in ‘Season Progress’.

asensio league objectives
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WE WANT MORE - We enjoyed working our way through the league objectives

The first few levels are quick to complete. Each objective earns XP to add to your total and there is plenty to earn.

We did not see any league objective players released during Season 6 which may have been due to the prolonged Team of the Season event, so don’t expect any this time either.

Storyline Players

One thing we can almost guarantee is the opportunity to select a Storyline player at various points of the season.

The first set of three players is unlocked at LVL 15 with the players all rated 89 OVR.

giovinco storyline players
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CRAFTY CREATOR - Giovinco could be ideal for Icon Swap objectives

Season 7 LVL 15 Player Picks:

  • Marek Hamsik (OVR 89)
  • Sebastian Giovinco (OVR 89)
  • Edson Alvarez (OVR 89)

The second player pick comes at LVL 30 and these players are all rated 92 OVR.

lenglet storyline player
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ROCK SOLID - Lenglet is a quality level 30 pick

Season 7 LVL 30 Player Picks:

  • Daniel Podence (OVR 92)
  • Clement Lenglet (OVR 92)
  • Brahim Diaz (OVR 92)

Promo Events

The Festival of FUTball looks set to continue in the first week of Season 7, but beyond that who knows what EA will produce.

In previous years we have seen the likes of Summer Heat and FUTTIES released so we could see these two events return once more.

foden path to glory
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WONDERKID - Foden is one of the top Path to Glory cards

With a busy schedule of international football this summer EA have already shown they are keen to celebrate Euro 2020 and Copa America.

This could mean another long promo with the Festival of FUTball, or something new could arrive to mark the knockout stages of the tournaments.

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