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15 Oct 2020

FIFA 21 just got even HARDER as EA rolls out update to AI

FIFA 21 just got even HARDER as EA rolls out update to AI

Those who are challenging the pro Competitor Mode will have their work cut out from now on.

We may be less than a week into FIFA 21's full life-span, but the latest title update indicated there will be even more of a challenge for those playing on the higher difficulties.

Title Update 3 Patch Notes

In Title Update 3, the official patch notes read:

"Increased Competitor Mode difficulty."

"This change is most impactful when the CPU AI is defending counter attacks"

"Competitor Mode is present for Legendary and Ultimate difficulty levels."

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What is Competitor Mode?

Competitor Mode is an additional modifier you can turn on for Ultimate and Legendary difficulties, which has been based on the play of real-life FIFA professionals.

fifa 21 agile dribbling

Expect crazy skill moves, some pin-point timed finishing and epic defending when taking on the AI in Competitor Mode.

It remains to be seen how much harder the mode will become now, but the fact that the AI defending of counter-attacks will be improved, has just minimalised one of the better chances of you finding the net.