FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Weekend League Red Player Pick Guide - Dybala, Jorginho, Immobile & more

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The first Weekend League of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has already passed, and it’s time to look towards the first set of Weekend League rewards.

With rewards being distributed on Thursday morning, specifically 08:00 UTC, you’ll receive coins, packs, and up to five red player pick items from Team of the Week 4, depending on your Weekend League finish.

Having finished Elite 2 this weekend with 25 wins out of 30, I’ll be receiving three red player pick items tomorrow on Thursday, so let’s dive into which cards I’d personally be looking to get.

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Top-Tier Selections

These are the top-tier picks from this Team of the Week. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these players, I’d be definitely looking to select them to get them into your squad.


Paulo Dybala (OVR 89)

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Juventus may not be officially in FIFA 20, but that doesn’t stop Dybala from getting an in-form.


Despite being set as a ST, I’d be looking to play Dybala in a deeper CAM role, to utilise his well rounded passing stats.

With 92 Agility, 94 Ball Control, 91 Dribbling and 88 Short Passing being key stats for a CAM, coupled with 4-Star Skills, Dybala looks to be perfect for a CAM role in a 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-2-3-1.

Do take note of his 81 Finishing and 3-Star Weak Foot when in shooting positions, it may be an idea to throw on a Sniper or Deadeye chemistry style just to improve his finishing consistency.

Ciro Immobile (OVR 87)

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Ciro Immobile looks to be another top-tier option to select if you get the chance this Thursday.


While not boasting the best pace stats, with only 76 Acceleration and 84 Sprint Speed, his 87 Shooting, including stats like 93 Positioning, 89 Finishing, and 88 Shot Power, make him a big threat in the box.

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Perhaps look at giving him a Hunter or Hawk to upgrade that pace a little more.

Alejandro Gomez (OVR 86)

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Alejandro Gomez looks to be an incredible player to fit the FIFA 20 meta. Being 5’5” with only 46 Strength may put some people off this card, but having 93 Agility and 95 Balance is a recipe for success.

With the same Finishing and Composure stat as 89 Dybala, this card has serious potential. With a Deadeye to boost his Finishing stat to 96, he could become a very nice attacking option, be it central, or a wider option as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1.


Nelson Semedo (OVR 84)

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Nelson Semedo for me, is my top pick this week if I get him in my selection.


Despite being a left back, with clear competition in the league from the likes of Ferland Mendy and Jordi Alba, this card can still do incredible things not only as a LB, but as a right back on 7 chemistry.

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With major upgrades to defensive stats such as Defensive Awareness, Standing Tackling and Sliding Tackling, Semedo goes from being a great defensive option, to one of the best in the game.

Definitely consider applying a Backbone to boost those passing stats just a little, and further improve that defending ability.

Alassane Plea (OVR 84)

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Plea may be one of the guys that gets seriously overlooked in red player picks from this Team of the Week.


Despite only having 79 Acceleration and 79 Sprint Speed, his technical stats (Shooting, Passing, Dribbling), are exceptional!

With all Shooting stats (bar penalties), being over 85, along with 80 Short Passing, 82 Ball Control and 81 Dribbling, this card looks to be an all rounder in the attack. With any chemistry style that adds pace (Hunter, Hawk, Engine), he could become a great asset in any squad.

Mid-Tier Selections

These are the mid-tier picks from this Team of the Week. They’re not the best players you could get, but they’re certainly not bad selections either.

87 Verratti - 87 Rated in a good league with a good nationality, may be useful for SBCs later in the year.

85 Jorginho - 85 Rated in a good league with a good nationality, may be useful for SBCs later in the year.

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85 Hradecky - 85 Rated in a good league, may be useful for SBCs later in the year.

84 Bergwijn - A good player with good links to OTW Promes and IF Malen, however 2-Star Weak Foot hurts his ability in game.

82 Mollet - A good lower end card with good stats in key areas, however there are better French and Ligue 1 options.

81 Hernandez - While he is a good card, with good Pace, Defending and Physical, there are possibly better French or Serie LBs for you to use.

Low-Tier Selections

These are the low-tier picks from this Team of the Week. There’s no pretty way of saying this, consider yourself unlucky if these are the only options you’re receiving.

82 Wesley


82 Pallois

82 Dunk

82 Grillitsch

81 Defoe

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81 Aitor

81 Rodriguez


80 Adama

79 Kozak

78 Jahovic

75 Sane

Best of luck for your Weekend League rewards, be sure to Tweet Us to let us know who you’re looking to get in your red player picks!

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