FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Reddit users discover TOTW 5 slowest team ever!

FIFA gamers take to Reddit to discuss lack of pace in the latest batch of in-form cards.

Phil Pangalos by Phil Pangalos

After the recent announcement of FUT’s Team of the Week 5, Reddit users made a rather amusing discovering.

The original poster pointed out that “No one in TOTW 5 is over 80 pace”. This post gained a lot of attention, with one FIFA player creating another post, stating that they “went back and checked the last 144 TOTWs (FIFA 19/18/17) and this happened a grand total of 0 times. Most likely has never happened before.”


If you’re wondering what this overly lethargic team could possibly look like have a look at the picture below.

The team’s lack of speed is due to the fact that it bizarrely includes four centre midfielders and only one wide man (Cheryshev).

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Whatever your take on TOTW 5, Reddit users have been enjoying discussing it, with one respondent humorously posting:

“Next set of Icon Objectives:

Score 5 goals with a TOTW player under 80 pace
Assist 5 through balls with a TOTW player under 80 pace
Win 5 games with 7 first owned TOTW players under 80 pace”

With Team of the Week 5  released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, it’s time to start considering who you’re going to want to take in your red player picks.

Ultimate Team expert, MattFUTTrading, details his top-tier picks ahead of Weekend League in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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