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12 Sep 2019

FIFA 20: The strongest players have been revealed - no prizes for guessing who's top of the list

FIFA 20: The strongest players have been revealed - no
prizes for guessing who's top of the list

Adebayo Akinfenwa is top of the list - but his 65-rated card lets him down in other areas.

The top ten strongest players in FIFA 20 have been revealed - and you won't be shocked to see who's top of the list.

Yep, take a bow Adebayo Akinfenwa - the Wycombe Wanderers striker is top dog with a whopping 97 rated strength.

In second place is Aston Villa's Wesley Moraes, who scores 95, followed by Serie A's Kalidou Koulibaly and Romelu Lukaku - both with 95.

Rounding off the top five is Hearts defender Uche Ikpeazu, with Niklas Sule, Obbi Oulare, Tomas Petrasek, Issa Marega and Alberto Cerri making up the remaining top 10 spots.

Silver-rated Akinfenwa is FIFA 20's strongest player

From what we've played of the new FIFA, physicality and strength is more important than ever before - with a greater emphasis on shielding and holding the ball up.

Akinfenwa, although a fan favourite, doesn't excel in game - let down by his 43 pace and 63 shooting.

However, 89-rated Koulibaly and even 85-rated Lukaku could both prove valuable assets in Ultimate Team this year - the latter combining a decent 75 score for pace with an impressive 84-rated physical.

EA has recently released the FIFA 20 demo - which has already gone down well with some fans.

What did we think of it, we hear you ask?

Well, much like the recent introduction of VAR to the world of football, EA Sports are sucking the imperfections out of the beautiful game, with FIFA 20 Demo’s gameplay feeling like a FIFA 19 rehash.

As satisfying it is to see your players successfully link up play at 1000 miles an hour, it is actually previous editions of FIFA that have influenced us to expect the unexpected from online football simulators.

Loyal FIFA followers have made their voices heard online, as they are disappointed by the lack of changes to modes like Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

The introduction of the brand new game mode Volta Football has the entire community excited. On the demo, players can get their first taste of Volta, as well as the standard 11v11 ‘Kick off’ game mode.

Though Volta Football has been included in the demo, users will only be allowed to play a short 3v3 game, which is won by the first team reaching 4 goals. We really wanted to see more of Volta on the demo, but this was the only taster we could get our hands on.

FIFA 20’s gameplay may not have seen the upgrades that PES has this year, but EA’s introduction of Volta Football, the spiritual successor of FIFA Street, has the inner child in all of us excited for the official launch on 27th September.