RealFeatures: How using a FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coin generator could cost you dearly

Thinking about snapping up some free FIFA coins? Think again - it could cost you dearly.

The best things in life are usually free – except for when it comes to FIFA coins.

Just a quick Google search reveals thousands of sites claiming to have found a way to generate ‘free’ FIFA 20 coins.

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However, these coin generators are in no way linked to EA Sports or FIFA Ultimate Team – and using one can cost you dearly.

The reality is that these sites are little more than scams which, at best, look to take peoples’ personal details, and at worst, steal your hard-earned FIFA currency.

But how?

New FIFA players will head to online forums in search of tips to improve their Ultimate Team performance. It’s in these communities where the scammers set up camp.

Their objective is to lure vulnerable people from the forum to a website that houses a fake ‘coin generator’.

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To get peoples’ attention, they will often state that a ‘glitch’ has occurred, offering a time-sensitive window for players to capitalise on ‘free’ coins.

Other sites will post a link to survey, which when completed, promises to reward them with FIFA currency.

Why does EA take this so seriously?

Between 2013 and 2015, Californian hackers Anthony Clark, Ricky Miller, Nicholas Castellucci and Eaton Zveare created a FIFA coin generator and were involved in a wire fraud scheme involving more than $16 million worth of FIFA coins.

The then 23-year-olds were accused by the FBI of creating software that logged thousands of fake matches, tricking servers into rewarding them coins, and then selling the coins to black market dealers in Asia and Europe.

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Ricky Miller was fined $1.5m after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud against EA Sports, and Anthony Clark was found guilty of ‘wire fraud conspiracy’ over the same scam.

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