FIFA 20 Web App out now! Release date, how to download, early access bonuses & gain an advantage on Ultimate Team over your mates

Here’s how to get head-start on your mates by building your FUT squad online.

by Louis Hutchinson

The FUT 20 Web App is available online on mobile and desktop at long last – with FIFA 20 now available on the market.

It arrived on September 18th 2019, a day before FIFA 20 became available on EA Access.

The FIFA Web app has been used to buy and sell players on the transfer market and open FUT packs and build your squads. This experience can be furthered by the companion app that releases with FIFA 20.

The Web App can also be used to complete squad building challenges and keep track of your daily and weekly objectives.

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Staying ahead of the pack

The Web app allows you to open your loyalty rewards packs for buying the next game in the FIFA series.

Typically, you are rewarded a few gold packs and some mixed player packs, at the beginning of the game all players are worth something, especially after the edition of SBC’s in FIFA 17.

This means there is even less worth in discarding the contents of these packs. Hold on to these players until at least the release of FIFA 20.

Companion App

The FIFA 20 Companion App is expected to be released on September 18, 2019 for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is likely to require a newer updated version of both iOS (iOS 9.3 or higher) and Android (v4.4 or higher).

Head to your relative app store and download the Web App as soon as it becomes available.

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Below we have come up with some features we feel will improve the Web app and Companion app even further.

Compare Squads with your mates

We have been crying out for the ability to compare your squad with your best mates to see who has the better team.

This used to be the epicentre of bragging rights in regards to Ultimate Team, and EA need to do more to regain the competitive nature between friends and not just across the FIFA community. This is achievable for EA but there is potential that adding more features would slow down the app and reduce performance across iOS and Android.


Daily Challenges

You should also be able to complete daily challenges via the Web & Companion apps. Usually the daily objectives are simple whether it be applying a consumable or changing a kit. These could easily be achieved on users’ phones. The benefits of this would mean players could save time whilst on their console by doing these mundane tasks allowing them to have more time to play and enjoy games of FIFA 20.

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Get ahead of Competition

With the FUT Web App, you will be able to start buying and trading players that you pack. This will allow you and your mates to gain coins and start building your FIFA 20 teams 11 days ahead of the release date.

As soon as the game is live on September 24th, you are then able to drop in and start playing FUT matches with a competitive advantage… a better team than your opponents. From this you can earn coins and start your FIFA 20 FUT career.


Volta Feature

Imagine an Ultimate Team 5-a-side for Volta Football
Potentially, FIFA will include a Volta section on the Companion app, with limited information we are not too sure exactly what it would feature. However, we have everything you need to know about Volta here. There is a possibility of managing your squad, formation and play styles on the Volta which would give it an actual purpose to be featured on the mobile app and/or web app.

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