FIFA 20 Career Mode: Best Bargain Players to sign – Casillas, Saka, Urzi & more

With transfer fees at a high, you won’t believe how cheap some of these football stars are.

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Whilst football remains unpredictable, the exponential growth of transfer prices has remained constant.

As a result, you’ll want to utilise your Career Mode budget wisely – this allows you to sign top talents for a smaller club or make room for a blockbuster signing at a big club.

Luckily for you, RealSport is here to offer a helping hand, bringing you the ten top bargains on FIFA 20’s Career Mode.


How to choose the best bargains in FIFA 20 Career Mode

Unlike our other Career Mode buying guides, there are no set parameters for the following list of players. Instead, we have defined bargains as players who are exceptionally cheap with high potentials, or well-established talents whose price is far below what you’d expect to pay.

For a full list of ALL the best bargains on Career Mode, look at the table at the end of the second page. 

Gianluigi Buffon (OVR 83 – POT 83)

Age: 41

Position(s) : GK

Club: Piemonte Calcio

Country: Italy

Cost: £3.9 million

Wage: £52,000 a week

The Italian veteran may be 41 years old, but he still offers a world class output, with 91 GK positioning and 80 GK reflexes. Buffon is well and truly in the twilight years of his career and therefore may even retire before you get the chance to sign him.

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Your best bet is to go in for him in January 2020 with a bid of £3.9 million and a wage of £60,000 a week. He may only last one more season, but a goalkeeper of Buffon’s calibre for such a small price is a deal you can’t pass up on.

Iker Casillas (OVR 79 – POT 79)

Age: 38

Position(s) : GK

Club: FC Porto

Country: Spain

Cost: £2.3 million

Wage: £7,000 a week

Once heralded as the best goalkeeper in the world, frankly it’s laughable just how little you have to pay for Casillas’ quality.

The 38 year old ‘keeper still has strong stats of 83 GK positioning, 82 GK diving and 7 GK reflexes, and is available for just £2.3 million.


Myron Boadu (OVR 75 – POT 88)

Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: AZ Alkmaar

Country: Netherlands

Cost: £16 million

Wage: £15,000 a week

Boadu is another young talent who possesses strong physical stats (86 sprint speed, 86 agility), and could become very special if you work on his technical ability (POT 88).

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At just £16 million, Boadu is much cheaper than already-established forwards.

Bukayo Saka (OVR 74 – POT 89)

Age: 17

Position: LM, LB, LW

Club: Arsenal

Country: England

Cost: £14 million

Wage: £7,000 a week

At just 17 years old, Saka has already made an impression, filling in at left back whilst Keiran Tierney has been injured.

With a potential of 89, it’s clear the wide man is going to have a fruitful career, meaning his price of just £14 million is well worth paying.


Mason Greenwood (OVR 73 – POT 89)

Age: 17

Position: ST, RM

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Cost: £13 million

Wage: £14,000 a week

The young forward has begun to make a name for himself in the Premier League, filling in for Man United strikers Rashford and Martial when they’re not available.

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With 89 potential, he is a steal for his current price of £13 million and wages of £25,000 a week.

Agustin Urzi (OVR 71 – POT 86)

Age: 19

Position: LM, CM, RM

Club: Club Atletico Banfield

Country: Argentina

Cost: £9.6 million

Wage: £5,000 a week

Another young talent in the Superliga, Urzi is a midfielder with a bright future. For just under £10 million and £10,000 a week in wages you’ll be signing a wide man with a whopping 86 potential.

Urzi already has a sprint speed of 88 and dribbling stat of 76, so you can start giving him game time immediately, accelerating his overall growth.

Julian Alvarez (OVR 71 – POT 85)

Age: 19

Position: ST, RW

Club: River Plate

Country: Argentina

Cost: £6 million

Wage: £8,000 a week

Alvarez has begun his Superliga breakthrough this season.

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With him yet to reach his massive 85 potential, Alvarez can be bought for just £6 million and £10,000 in wages – a bargain if we ever saw one.

Cristian Ferreira (OVR 71 – POT 83)

Age: 19

Position: CM, CAM

Club: River Plate

Country: Argentina

Cost: £4.5 million

Wage: £7,000 a week

At just 19 years old, Ferreira had already made 20 Superliga appearances for River Plate, achieving four goals and three assists.

With a solid potential of 83, it’s not hard to recognise the Argentinian has a bright future, so with a price of just £4.5 million, he’s a fantastic buy.

Pedro De la Vega (OVR 70 – POT 85)

Age: 18

Position: RW, LW

Club: Club Atletico Lanus

Country: Argentina

Cost: £4.5 million

Wage: £4,000 a week

The young Argentinian has only just started to break into the Superliga, explaining why his talent has currently gone unnoticed. De la Vega has fantastic physical attributes, with 87 sprint speed, 85 agility and 83 jumping.

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You can secure these abilities, along with his 85 potential, for just £4.5 million and £15,000 a week in wages.

Angel Gomes (OVR 68 – POT 85)

Age: 18

Position: CAM, LW

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Cost: £3 million

Wage: £11,000 a week

Gomes is the second Man United player on the list, suggesting that the club has a bright future.

At just 18 years old, Gomes has an agility rating of 90, along with 90 balance. For just £3 million and £20,000 a week you can sign the young Englishman, who is set to become a world-class talent.

All the best bargains on FIFA 20 Career Mode

G. Buffon41GKPiemonte CalcioItaly8383£2.4m£52k
I. Casillas38GKFC PortoSpain8383£2.4m£10k
M. Boadu18STAZ AlkmaarNetherlands7588£10.8m£4k
B. Saka17LM LB LWArsenalEngland7489£9.9m£7k
M. Greenwood17ST RMManchester United England7389£7.2m£14k
A. Urzi19LM CM RMClub Atletico LanusArgentina7186£4.5m£5k
J. Alvarez19ST RWRiver PlateArgentina7185£4.5m£8k
C. Ferreira19CM CAMRiver PlateArgentina7183£3.7m£7k
P. De la Vega18RW LWClub Atletico BanfieldArgentina7085£3.3m£4k
A. Gomes18CAM LWManchester United England6885£1.6m£11k
A. Hložek16RM ST LM Sparta PrahaCzech Rep.7488£9.9m£450
J. Hurtado19STBoca JuniorsVenezuela7185£4.5m£8k
M. Gibbs-White19CM CAM WolvesEngland7184£4m£21k
J. Doku17RW LW RSC AnderlechtBelgium6987£1.9m£2k
T. Djalo19CBLOSC LillePortugal6985£1.9m£7k
E. Ampadu18CB CDM RB LeipzigWales6886£1.5m£4k
A. Gouiri19ST Olympique LyonnaisFrance6885£2.1m£15k
P. Pellegri18ST AS MonacoItaly6785£1.4m£5k
J. Sands18CDM CB New York City FCUSA6684£1.1m£630
E. Millot16CM AS MonacoFrance6386£720K£900

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