Can players go past their potential in FIFA 23 Career Mode?

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Renato Sanches FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is here, with exciting features already announced for Career Mode.

Some of the best young players in this year's game have also been revealed, leading to many people wonderkid about how potential will work in FIFA 23.

Wonder no more, as we've got you covered for everything you need to know about potential ratings in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Dynamic Potential

Every player in FIFA 23 will have a potential rating.

That potential rating indicates the average overall a player can reach, with dynamic potential in Career Mode making it possible for players to both exceed and fall short of this number.

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NORWEGIAN POWERHOUSE - Haaland could reach a MASSIVE rating in FIFA 23

For example, Erling Haaland will possess a potential rating of around 92 in FIFA 23, but there's nothing stopping him from exceeding that if his performances warrant a higher rating.

By contrast, if he falters and fails to score, Haaland will not reach that 92 mark.

Dynamic potential was introduced to create varied saves in Career Mode and will allow your youth academy prospects and pre-existing wonderkids to grow into superstars if their performances warrant that tag.

Therefore, any player can exceed their potential in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

Exceptions to the Rule

Whilst any player can exceed their potential in FIFA 23, it doesn't unfortunately mean that any player can shoot into the 90s.

Most players will have a general cap, even if they're scoring 40 goals a season.


Young players, naturally, will have more potential to exceed their cap, with older players unlikely to grow more than 3 or 4 ratings above their pre-established level.

Dynamic potential is certainly one of the better features to be implemented in Career Mode in recent years, with the variable limits making each save feel fresh and exciting.

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