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F1 2020: Monaco Grand Prix Track Guide – My team, career, time trial

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most prestigious motorsport races in the world. The first GP was held here in 1929 and parts of the Circuit de Monte Carlo haven't changed much since.

Here's our ultimate guide to navigating Monaco's tight and twisty streets in F1 2020!

Turn 1 (Sainte Devote)

Sainte Devote is the first corner you'll tackle on your lap around Monaco. It's a 90-degree right hander and a turn you need to nail on the long run up the hill to the Casino.

Monaco GP Turn 1 Sainte Devote
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THE FIRST STEP: Sainte Devote is one of the most important corners on the circuit

You need to slow to 3rd gear by braking at 50m before the corner. Use a little of the inside kerb and beware of the outside barrier, it sucks you in if you get too close.

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As Turn 1 is at the end of the only DRS zone on the track, this is one of the main overtaking spots in Monaco. There's no such thing as an easy pass here though, you'll need to be well alongside to stand a chance.

Turns 2-4 (Beau Rivage, Massenet & Casino)

Turn 2 is an easy-flat in modern F1 cars. Don't take your eye off the ball though , it's very easy to lose part of your front wing up the slalom.

The line you take through Massenet is crucial, as it sets you up for Casino. Brake on the right side of the track down into 4th gear beginning at the point where the red crane comes into view.

Monaco GP Turns 3 4 Massenet Casino
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TRY YOUR LUCK: You can make up serious time through the Casino chicane

Swing to the left for Turn 4, then immediately back to the right for T5 while dabbing on the brakes down to 3rd gear. Don't get on the power too early on exit, the rear end loves to snap and make you hit the outside barriers.

Turn 5 (Mirabeau Haute)

After Casino, fade to the right and then back to the left when you've passed the bump in the road. It's much harsher than it appears and will unsettle the car if you push your luck.

Monaco GP Turn 5 Mirabeau Haute
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You always think you can brake later than you actually can for the first Mirabeau and end up running down the escape road. To avoid this, get on the anchors when you're topping out 5th gear down into 2nd gear.

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Shadow the inside kerb but don't touch it, it's deceptively harsh and will unsettle the car when you stop riding it. Straighten the car up and get ready for the slowest corner in F1.

Turn 6 (Grand Hotel Hairpin)

If you're on pad, good luck with this corner because it's a nightmare! Brake at the point where you're topping out 3rd gear down into 1st and around 30 mph (50 kph).

Monaco GP Turn 6 Hotel Lowes Hairpin
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TIGHT: Buses can round this corner more easily than F1 cars

Take the widest possible line on entry to give yourself the smoothest exit. Start putting the power on just after the apex, but do so gently, the rears love to spin up out of this corner.

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You can straddle the inside kerb but you need to be careful not to use too much, it'll slow you down hugely.

Turns 7-8 (Mirabeau Bas & Portier)

Turns 7 & 8 are both downhill 90-degree right-handers, the second of which is crucial to attaining a fast lap time.

You can either brake or lift off the throttle through Turn 7 but you'll need to stay in 2nd gear either way. You can clump over the inside kerb but not much more than a wheel's width, as the pavement is slippery.

Monaco GP Turns 7 8 Mirabeau Bas Portier
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SACRIFICE ONE TO SAVE THE OTHER: Use Turn 7 to set yourself up for Turn 8

Accelerate briefly into 3rd gear before braking into 2nd just before the overpass disappears from view.

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Be very careful when going on the power out of Turns 7 and 8, the rear end is like a bucking bronco through here. Once you've got a clear line through the tunnel, get hard on the power while avoiding the outside kerbing.

Turns 10-11 (Nouvelle Chicane)

Turn 9 through the tunnel is an easy-flat these days so the next proper corners are the Nouvelle Chicane. This is arguably the best passing spot on the circuit despite no DRS being available.

Sliding your car up the inside of an opponent is so tempting but you need to be alongside, as the apex of T10 is extremely tight.

Monaco GP Turn 10 11 Nouvelle Chicane
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ONE FOR THE BRAVE: You can brake very late and make up heaps of time here

Brake just after the 100m board down into 2nd gear. Get off the throttle and swing left for Turn 10 before a flick to the right for Turn 11.

You can cut the inside kerbing a little but don't push it too much, this is a popular spot for penalties to be dished out.

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Accelerate hard on the exit while avoiding the inside barriers, they jolt out a lot more than you'd expect.

Turn 12 (Tabac)

Turn 12 is the Tabac, a high-speed and tight left-hander. Losing a front wing is all too easy here.

Monaco GP Turn 12 Tabac
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EYE OF A NEEDLE: You need to thread your car perfectly through here

Tap the brakes just after 50m board and go down a gear into 5th. Keep your left steering lock constant throughout. Once you're round, hard on the power again and stay as far to the right as you dare for the Swimming pool.

Turns 13-16 (Piscine/ Swimming Pool)

The first of the two Swimming Pool chicanes needs to be taken a full throttle, despite every instinct telling you to lift off. Don't touch the T13 kerb and use plenty of T14's inside kerb, but be sure to avoid the inside barrier.

Monaco GP Turns 13 14 15 16 Swinning Pool Piscine Louis Chiron
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QUICK DIP: Monaco's Swimming pool is fast and thrilling in the 2020 F1 cars

When you're straightened up, get hard on the brakes and down into 4th gear. This is another big opportunity to cut the kerbs and gain time. As long as you avoid the sausage kerbs, you'll also avoid a penalty.

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When carrying a lot of speed through here in qualifying, you need to be careful to miss the outside barriers on corner exit.

Turns 17-19 (Rascasse & Anthony Noghes)

The hardest corners on the circuit are the final ones. Braking for Rascasse is extremely difficult, lock-ups and bits of front wings being lost are very common.

Monaco GP Turn 17 La Rascasse
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LAST STOP BEFORE HOME: Rascasse rounds off the lap

You need to brake down into 2nd gear around the point where you're maxing out 5th gear or just before the red advertising hoarding disappears from your view above.

Don't brake too hard, just about 80 or 90% of what you normally would. Be careful of the inside barrier, it's very easy to hit your right rear on it when exiting.

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Get hard on the power when you've straightened up. Dab on the brakes when you top out 2nd gear and while remaining in 2nd, round Anthony Noghes.

Don't even attempt to use the inside kerbing of Turn 18 before avoiding the outside kerbs of T19. Hammer the throttle down the main straight to finish your lap and don't forget to activate DRS, it comes quickly after the final corner.


You need to know how to drive the circuit but you also need a good setup to fast though. We've got you covered with both dry and wet Monaco setup guides!

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