EA Sports FC 24: New feature set to REVOLUTIONISE Ultimate Team experience

EA Sports FC 24 Morsy

EA Sports FC 24 Morsy

Official information has finally dropped for EA Sports FC 24, with a new trailer and a host of details released.

Whilst patch notes for specific modes will arrive in the future, it's one of the headline features that we want to take a closer look at.

Announced as part of EA's reveal live stream, a new feature coming to Ultimate Team is set to completely change the game's dynamic.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how Evolutions will lead to major changes in the future of EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions

One thing caught our eye above all else during the EA Sports FC 24 reveal live stream and that's the arrival of 'Evolutions' in Ultimate Team.

The feature allows you to take any card, regardless of rating or rarity, and elevate through a series of objectives.

EA Sports FC 24 Haaland
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BETTER THAN EVER - EA Sports FC 24 has been showcased

As of now, details regarding these objectives are not avaialble but we imagine it will be similar to player objectives we've seen in the past.

The reason this caught our eye is three-fold, and that's what we want to dive into.

Whilst some may not embrace the change, we think it could have a majorly positive impact on the future of Ultimate Team.

Levelling the Playing Field

The main benefit of this new evolution feature is how much it will help level the often skewed Ultimate Team landscape.

Many people who sink hundreds of pounds into FC Points will gain a natural advantage, but this new feature should go some way to levelling the playing field.

EA Sports FC 24 join the club
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JOIN THE CLUB - EA Sports FC 24 arrives on September 29

Instead of having to buy packs or complete tenuous objectives in order to obtain the next special card, you can instead upgrade your pre-existing players to a higher standard.

It's not yet been stated as to whether players have a growth cap but we hope not, allowing totally unique cards to be used in-game.

It seems an odd comparison to make but this feature feels very Pokemon-esque, allowing players to train and grow the talent in their deck before squaring off against a unique opponent.

Same Player, New Rewards

It's not only the natural advantage that is squashed by this new feature, it will also help deconstruct the repetitive feeling that Ultimate Team can often provide.

Instead of coming up against near-identical squads each and every time, this new feature will offer plenty of variety and expose you to a whole new roster of stars.

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EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions
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ON THE RISE - Any player can become a legend in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team

This new feature should also go a long way in improving the overall customisable feel that your club has in Ultimate Team.

It means you can stray from the crowd and do your own thing, helping develop your team from within instead of heading to the transfer market.

So many new features are coming to EA Sports FC 24, but the potential that lies within evolutions may just be the most revolutionary feature we've ever seen included.

Staying Relevant

One of our biggest qualms with Ultimate Team in recent years has been how quickly main cards become redundant.

For example, if you managed to capture an 88-rated Declan Rice before Team of the Season, that card would soon become dwarfed when Ultimate Team's next promo is released.

Staying relevant in the FUT landscape was also a challenge but this new evolutions feature should put a stop to that feeling in EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 cover
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NEW STAR - Haaland is the new EA Sports FC cover star

We all love finding obscure cards at the start of the game that help us reach our early goals and it's always sad when you inevitably have to send them into the darkest depths of your club.

This feature stops that. Instead, you can carry your club legends throughout your Ultimate Team journey and create a squad truly tailored to your needs.

As with the arrival of any new major feature, there will be some resistance. However, over time, we think this brand-new feature may just become a godsend for everyone looking to experience something fresh in EA Sports FC 24.

Click here to find out everything we know about EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions in Ultimate Team.

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