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FC 24: Kick-off glitch is back!

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Ultimate Team is in full flow with the Weekend League coming up, players want to know all of the secrets to winning games and we have them for you!

With many new changes in Ultimate Team, we have plenty of guides on offer such as how to defend in EA FC 24 and the best custom tactics to use.

There has been one new tactic used multiple times in Ultimate Team that we will teach you how to use in this article, make sure you read the bottom for the biggest tip!

Score from kick-off in FC 24

There is a new kick-off glitch in the game so make sure you try it fast before EA Sports patch this in the next title update. This glitch was brought to our attention by @SAF_Tactician who showcased this glitch working just perfectly.

This glitch allows you to be through onto goal within four touches of the ball allowing you to score after one minute (in-game time).

kick off
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To do this kick-off glitch you must follow these instructions and watch this video for a demonstration.

Pass back from kick-off then use L1/LB to send the ST on a run.
Play it to a midfielder, then back to the original passer, and first time over the top through ball to the ST.

And it is as easy as this, we predict that the weekend league will be full of people trying to do this tactic meaning you will need to know how to defend against it just as much as learn how to use it!

To defend against this you must react right away, even when you do not expect your opponent to do this tactic against you.

Straight from kick-off you must select your CB and drag them back to make sure they cover the gap where your opponent's attacker will look to run into. And that is all you have to do to defend about this kick-off glitch, simply react right away to deny the striker from receiving the over-the-top through ball!

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