PlayStation Now: November 2020 - Revealed Games, F1 2020, Injustice 2, Rage 2, PS5, Cost & more

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Streaming services have become a massive presence in console gaming, and PS Now is showing why with a star-studded lineup for November.

Xbox users have the choice of either Games with Gold or the Game Pass whilst PlayStation gamers have either PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now.

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With the PS5 just around the corner, Playstation have pulled out all the stops for a massive PS Now lineup.

PS Now November Games

There is already a plethora of titles for you to choose from on the platform, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for more!

PS Now games November
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THEY'RE HERE!: PS Now picked up 3 new bangers for November

These are the huge PS Now games coming for November.


F1 2020

The first big PS Now game for November is racing sim leader F1 2020!

F1 2020 introduces tons of exciting new game modes like MyTeam, online multiplayer, and more.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 was a huge step forward for fighting games, evolving the massively successful prequel from NetherRealm Studios.

injustice 2
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TAKE THAT: Fight as your favorite hero or villain in Injustice 2

You can battle it out with superheroes and villains from many different series now on PS Now.


Rage 2

If you're looking for a chaotic open-world shooter, Rage 2 fits the bill perfectly!

Even better, it's available now in PS Now.

PS Plus

Now if you don't fancy shelling out the $19.99 monthly fee to access the PlayStation Now library then fear not, as there are other alternatives available.

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PlayStation Plus allows you to play games online, whilst it also offers a range of free games each month.

And, if you're a PlayStation Plus member with a PS5 then we've got some good news for you.

Playstation Plus Collection

To coincide with the launch of the PS5, Sony is releasing the PlayStation Plus Collection to those who have both.

PlayStation Plus Collection PS5
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It will feature some of the biggest and best PS4 titles, available to download to your PS5 for free.

From Batman: Arkham Knight to Battlefield 1 to Ratchet and Clank to Fallout 4, there really is a title for everyone within the PlayStation Plus Collection.

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