Apex Legends Season 11: Level Designer teases new Storm Point updates

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Apex Legends is an evolving experience and there's always an update in the works. Season 11 has been out a little while now and the development team behind Storm Point have had a chance to observe their map in use - which is easily the best way to see how it works. Ahead of any official Patch Notes, an Apex Legends developer has hinted at a series of updates coming to Storm Point in the future. Here's what we know...

STORM POINT UPDATES - What's going to change?

Rodney Reece, the Principal Level Designer for Apex Legends' newest map Storm Point, has shared some information on Twitter regarding updates coming to the new map soon.


Respawn Entertainment is making "cover adjustments" throughout the map - from what we can tell, this means that certain areas are going to have larger in-game objects (like rocks) which offer more cover.

In addition to this, the area around Barometer (a new POI location) and popular choke points are going to receive new in-game objects to offer better cover for teams fighting. This might not help you avoid third-partying, but it should help to give you a fighting chance if you're under fire from multiple directions. It's worth noting, though, that this will also make it harder to fight in these chokepoints as the cover is going to be for everyone.

It'll be interesting to see how these changes affect the game's flow and the chokepoints themselves - can additionally cover completely eradicate a chokepoint altogether? We could see other areas of Storm Point evolving into chokepoints going forwards.


Rodney Reece also commented on an improvement to the Storm Point ring logic and bug fixes, as you can see in his Tweets above. Keep an eye on Apex Legends' official social media accounts for more information about future updates, though.