Apex Legends Monsters Within: Are we getting another set of Patch Notes?

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Respawn Entertainment is releasing another in-game event for Apex Legends later today, but what about the Patch Notes we might get with this Monsters Within event? We're only a few hours out from the event, but here's everything you need to know.

UPDATE - We might not get Patch Notes

The Monsters Within event is on the way, but a new set of Patch Notes might not be.

According to Shrugtal, a notable Apex Legends data miner, there's not going to be a client update available for Apex Legends when Monsters Within launches. This means it won't need to be updated for the event when it starts.


With this in mind, we might not see any actual Monsters Within Patch Notes for the event - there might not be enough in-game changes to warrant them. We could see a few minor updates reported on Respawn Entertainment's social media channels, but as it stands, we haven't heard about anything too major.

Monsters Within store rotation confirmed


Apex Legends' upcoming Halloween event is going to be bringing back some classic seasonal skins in addition to introducing new cosmetics to Respawn Entertainment's battle royale.

We still don't have anything that screams "Patch Notes" at us, but Respawn Entertainment has confirmed what's going to be available in the Apex Legends in-game store for the duration of the event.

If you have Apex Coins to burn, you can get the following...

  • Week One & Two- October 12th to October 26th
    • Monsters Within Apex Pack - 400 Coins
    • Born in Blood Bonus Bundle (Gibraltar) - 2150 Coins
    • Emerald Enchantress Bonus Bundle (Wraith) - 2150 Coins
    • Midnight Cipher Bonus Bundle (Crypto) - 2150 Coins
    • Old Town Bonus Bundle (Mirage) - 2150 Coins
    • Creature of the Night (Crypto Emote) - 700 Coins
    • Re-Galvanised (Gibraltar Emote) - 700 Coins
  • Week Three - October 26th to November 2nd
    • Monsters Within Apex Pack - 400 Coins
    • Wicked Harvest Bonus Bundle (Bloodhound) - 2150 Coins
    • Emerald Enchantress Bonus Bundle (Wraith) - 2150 Coins
    • Sweet Dreams Bonus Bundle (Caustic) - 2150 Coins
    • Old Town Bonus Bundle (Mirage) - 2150 Coins
    • Green Widow (Lifeline Skin) - 700 Coins
    • Winged Menace (Wattson Skin) - 700 Coins
Apex Legends Monsters Within Patch Notes Store Rotation
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STORE ROTATION - Worth spending on?

The Dia de Los Muertos sale also starts on October 26th. This will feature the Rapida Muertos Octane Bundle, Loba's Banshee Queen skin, Bangalore's Soldado de la Muerte skin, and Gibraltar's Darkside skin. We do not know the prices for these cosmetics, yet.

When does the "Monsters Within" event begin?

Apex Legends' Monsters Within event is due to start on October 12th - as you can see in the tweet below, there's going to be a few new cosmetics to look out for.


In addition to this, we're getting a three-week Reward Track and seeing the return of last year's Shadow Royale. This isn't going to be the biggest Apex Legends event we've ever seen, but it should be a nice way to pass the time before Season 11 starts.

The Dia de Los Muertos sale is also going to start on October 26th, bringing a new Octane skin to the playing field as well as re-introducing a few iconic skins for Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Loba.


What to expect from the Patch Notes...

There's not been too much talk from Respawn Entertainment about Legend alterations, but there should be some changes coming to Apex Legends soon.

Robert West, a Senior Designer at Respawn, has responded to a fan on social media claiming that matchmaking improvements are due to be made to Ranked Arenas. This could also involve a tweaking to the MMR levels and some adjustments to the AP values.

Apex Legends Monsters Within Patch Notes Wattson
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REWORK? - Does Wattson really need a rework?

In addition to this, there's still a huge imbalance in the Win Rate percentage for Apex Legends' cast of playable characters. Octane, Bloodhound, and Wraith are all over 10% - however, Wattson and Crypto are 1.8% and 1.6% respectively. There hasn't been a lot of change recently, but Wattson's ability set is due a refresher and we're hoping this will be coming soon.

If any Monsters Within Patch Notes are going to drop, they should do so at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on October 12th.