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Apex Legends Dark Depths Events Free Rewards: Week One has started

We know we were expecting a Bangalore-focused event to follow the latest "Stories from the Outlands" short, but Respawn Entertainment had other ideas. The Dark Depths Event is here to pass the time between now and Season 12 - here's the latest on the free rewards you can get your hands on over the next few weeks.

LATEST - Dark Depths Event begins

Apex Legends' next title update is here and it doesn't look like there was enough of an update to warrant Patch Notes from Respawn Entertainment.

It's interesting, though, because a new Arenas map and a new batch of cosmetics were added alongside the new Dark Depths Event Reward Track. The first week of this event has started and you can read on to see what's on offer from now until January 18th.

All the free rewards coming in the event

For the duration of the Dark Depths Event, Respawn Entertainment is throwing several, separate, week-long Reward Tracks at players. These are being labelled "Flash Events", but they're going to work in the same way as any other Collection Event Reward Track we've seen in the past.

From the images released by Respawn Entertainment earlier in the week, here's what you can look forward to from the "Flash Event" Reward Tracks coming with the Dark Depths Event.

Week One - Jan 11 to Jan 18

  • 1x Loading Screen
  • 19x Battle Pass Stars
  • 2x Apex Packs
  • 25x Crafting Materials
  • 1x Holospray

Week Two - Jan 18 to Jan 25

  • 50x Crafting Materials
  • 19x Battle Pass Stars
  • 1x Apex Pack
  • 1x Dark Depths Apex Pack
  • 1x Holospray

Week Three - Jan 25 to Feb 1

  • 25x Crafting Materials
  • 21x Battle Pass Stars
  • 1x Holospray
  • 1x Alternator Weapon Skin
  • 1x Revenant Legend Skin
Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Rewards
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FLASH EVENTS - There's some great stuff on offer this time!

These should be unlockable through event-specific challenges that will pop up alongside your Weekly and Daily challenges in-game.

Apex Legends' Dark Depths Event is due to start on January 11th and is expected to run for three weeks, until January 1st. Keep an eye on PlayApex on Twitter for more information ahead of launch. If you're still wondering what else is on the way, you can check out the event's trailer below...

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