LATEST Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021: Release date, skins, and LTMs

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Overwatch is a huge game that only continues to grow and Overwatch 2 only plans to make it much bigger. Here's what you should know about the Overwatch Winter Wonderland update.

Latest - Reveal Expected this week

We expect the arrival of Overwatch's WInter Wonderland update next week, which means a reveal is imminent.

This should come with a look into all new skins and new game modes.

Possible Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021 Start Date

We don't fully know officially when the Winter Wonderland 2021 event will start in Overwatch but the last few years all started around the same time. Here's when they took place:

  • 2016 - Started December 13th
  • 2017 - Started December 12th
  • 2018 - Started December 11th
  • 2019 - Started December 10th
  • 2020 - Started December 15th

If the previous years are anything to go off, we can expect 2021's Winter Wonderland to start on December 14, or maybe the week early. Last year's event started at 12 am PT / 7 pm GMT.

What is Winter Wonderland?

Winter Wonderland is Overwatch's Winter themed event, giving some cool icy skins and the return of Holiday-themed modes. In previous years, we saw a Mei-focused snowball mode, a Yeti Hunt and the Snowball Deathmatch.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021
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If you're looking for an excuse to open up brand new loot boxes and earn some new skins, this mode is for you.



We don't know what any of the skins are just yet but we know that previous Winter Wonderland skins will also be available. We will update you right here as soon as we figure out which skins are available.

Though we don't have much information on the next winter wonderland just yet, we do know what we got last yet. You can read all about it right here.