Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020: Freezethaw Elimination, Skins, Yeti Hunter, Challenges & more

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Overwatch's Winter Wonderland is now live in-game, bringing a new game mode and tons of great holiday skins.

Let's go over everything players can find in Overwatch now!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland brings a ton of new content to Overwatch, so let's get caught up on all the details.

Release Date

Overwatch Winter Wonderland went live on 15 December at 2pm EST!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins Game Modes Release Date
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SAY CHEESE: The Winter Wonderland event brings people together

That means it's time to hop into the game and enjoy the seasonal content. Speaking of...


This year there are some amazing Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins to celebrate the holiday season.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Skins Penguin Mei Toybox Zenyatta
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NEW LOOK: Winter Wonderland Overwatch skins will be time-limited, so grab yours now!

With seasonal skins being some of the most sought after cosmetics in Overwatch for their limited time access, this alone will bring back plenty of players to the game!

Winter Wonderland introduces Toybot Zenyatta, Penguin Mei, as well as skins for Reinhardt, Roadhog, and more.

Freezethaw Elimination

The brand new game mode coming to Overwatch for Winter Wonderland is Freezethaw Elimination.

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This game mode is a fantastic variation of freeze tag where players must thaw their frozen teammates and freeze opponents to win the Brawl game mode.

Yeti Hunter

Overwatch Winter Wonderland includes several new game modes beyond the Freezethaw Elimination.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Yeti Hunter Game Mode
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SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Yeti Hunter pits 5 Mei's against the Yeti

One that will be a fan favorite is Yeti Hunter. In this game mode, five Mei's must face one Yeti with Winston's abilities in a Brawl to see who can survive.

Snowball Deathmatch

If you are a fan of utter chaos, the Snowball Deathmatch game mode in Winter Wonderland will be the one for you.

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Snowball Deathmatch is an 8-player FFA where players have three lethal snowballs each reload. Whoever can ice the competition the most comes out the victor.

Mei's Snowball Offensive


The last new game mode to come in Overwatch Winter Wonderland is Mei's Snowball Offensive.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Game Modes Mei
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THE FRONTLINE: Take to battle in the many new Winter Wonderland game modes

This game mode is a 6v6 team brawl where everyone plays as Mei, and each have one super-powerful snowball that can one-shot enemies. If you miss, however, you better be ready to dodge.


Overwatch Winter Wonderland will also have weekly challenges that will earn players some nice holiday event skins!

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So make sure you complete these in time before reset.

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