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Is Saints Row on Xbox Game Pass?

After almost a decade of laying dormant, the Saints Row franchise is back from the dead with a brand new reboot that's set to take the series back to its roots, stepping away from the more comedic and wacky entries and closer to the gang-focused sandboxes that began the series way back in 2006.

Set for a release in late August, Saints Row (2022) is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Google Stadia and PC via the Epic Games Store. For those planning on playing the game via Xbox, however, there is one question on their minds. Will Saints Row be on Xbox Game Pass? Here's what we know.

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Will Saints Row be Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Saints Row coming to Xbox Game Pass?
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Only the first half of August's Game Pass additions have been revealed by Xbox so far, with the second half likely to be confirmed towards the middle of August. Despite this fact, there are no known plans to bring the Saints Row reboot to the subscription service.

Previous Saints Row titles have been added to Game Pass in the past and have since left the service so seeing the 2022 reboot on there at some point isn't entirely out of the question but as far as a day one launch is concerned, it's looking very unlikely.

Xbox likes to make a big deal out of titles coming to Game Pass at launch, with it being a major selling point for the platform and with so little time between now and its launch, it's looking unlikely that we will be getting access to it without a full purchase for quite some time.

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