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What Games are coming With Gold in May 2021?

The Xbox Games With Gold lineup has been revealed.

While this piece was designed to run your through our predictions, the full list has finally been revealed.

You can check out the confirmed lineup below and see how it compared to our predictions.

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LATEST - May's Games Announced

Somewhat out of the blue, the Games With Gold lineup for May 2021 has been revealed.

Major Nelson has revealed the lineup via the official image, as he usually does each month, and you can check out his Tweet below.

The list and the dates are:

  • Armello - May 1-15
  • Dungeon 3 - May 16-31
  • LEGO Batman - May 1-15 (Xbox 360)
  • Tropico 4 - May 16-31 (Xbox 360)

You will be able to pick up the first two games from this coming Saturday.

Terminator Resistance could be coming to PS Plus in May 2021. We can't remember a time where the same game has been on both PlayStation and Xbox's monthly subscription service. There are always titles like Alien: Isolation or Predator:L Hunting Grounds too... Both would be fantastic Games With Gold titles.

Games With Gold Predictions

It is tough to call what Xbox is going to offer fans with Games With Gold, but we've asked around amongst the RealSport101 team and we think we have a pretty good lineup for you.

Resident Evil Village is coming out soon and we think adding a Resident Evil game to the Games With Gold lineup for May 2021 would be a fantastic way to celebrate that. Resident Evil 5 is the one we think we might see, considering Chris Redfield is due to make an appearance in the next Rezzie game. However, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard could also be on the cards as the predecessor to the upcoming title.

May 2021 Games With Gold Predictions Resident Evil 7 Mia
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TERRIFYING - Resident Evil 7 "saved" the franchise and made horror games great again

In addition to this, we think Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition might sneak into the line-up this month. We know, it's a bit of a long shot but why wouldn't you want to replicate what could have happened with the European Super League? Who knows, Spurs might actually place somewhere good in that one!

As for the Xbox 360 titles, these are always absolute classics. That's why we've got a handful of titles for you. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, SSX, Ninja Gaiden 2, Brink, Monday Night Combat... These are all titles that have been thrown around in conversation and we think all of them are solid picks for the Games With Gold May 2021 Xbox 360 predictions line-up.


Confirmed May 2021 Games?

As you might imagine, we don't actually have any confirmation on what games are coming to the Games With Gold service in May 2021.

With Xbox Game Pass being the dominant way to play the latest games at a discounted price on Xbox consoles, there are very rarely any additional official announcements ahead of the full Games With Gold announcement from Xbox's Major Nelson.

May 2021 Games With Gold Predicitons SSX
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RACE TO THE BOTTOM? - Could SSX make an appearance in May's Games With Gold?

Unlike PS Plus, it seems like Games With Gold is a little bit of an afterthought for Microsoft when Game Pass is such a good deal. Still, we do know when the official announcement is coming and you can check that out below.


Games With Gold Announcement & Release Date

Every month, Microsoft announced their Games With Gold line-up for the next month at the same time. So, thankfully, this makes it pretty easy to predict when we're going to hear more about what's in store for Games With Gold in May 2021 (and we get to see if our predictions are correct!)

Xbox's Major Nelson usually tweets the next month's games at around 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST on the last Tuesday of every month.

This means we're expecting the next Games With Gold announcement, giving us May 2021's games, on April 27th.. As for the games themselves, they release throughout the next month in two parts.

One Xbox One game and an Xbox 360 game is released on the first of the month, so May 1st. Then, we're expecting another Xbox One game and another Xbox 360 game to be released on May 15th, halfway through. You can check out last month's announcement below, to get a sense of what we mean.