22 Jul 2021 8:08 PM +00:00

WWE 2K22 sponsoring SummerSlam could signal reveal

WWE 2K22 has been relatively light on news as of late, but that could be part of a plan to hold things back until next month's SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

With the events now linked, we take a look at what kind of WWE 2K22 reveal could be in store for fans at SummerSlam.

WWE 2K22 named the official sponsor of SummerSlam


With over a month now since the last development video was released by 2K Games and Visual Concepts about the behind the scenes progress for WWE 2K22, fans have been clamoring for more.

Finally that might be on the way, as a direct link to SummerSlam became clear to fans who watched WWE Money in the Bank on July 18, 2021.

In a brief promo for the SummerSlam event, some fans noticed that WWE 2K22 was listed in the top-right corner of the final graphic as the sponsor of the event.

WWE 2K22 summerslam reveal trailer gameplay cover
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ONE MONTH AWAY: SummerSlam isn't far out, and it'll be a major showcase

The next night, it was further confirmed during WWE Raw as a graphic was shown promoting WWE 2K22 as the sponsor of the upcoming SummerSlam event.

It's not uncommon for WWE to start building anticipation for the title during SummerSlam, but it has the potential to be bigger than ever this year.


What could WWE 2K22 reveal at SummerSlam?

Whatever you think would be "too big" to reveal at SummerSlam, it's definitely not this year, as WWE is treating the event exactly like WrestleMania.

Multiple reports have indicated an all hands on deck approach to this year's SummerSlam, as WrestleMania 37 still took place with a limited crowd due to the pandemic and didn't fully capture what a full capacity WWE arena is like.

WWE is officially back on the road with proper crowds as of Money in the Bank and this week's episode of WWE Raw, and it will culminate at SummerSlam in what they're hoping is a proper reset moving forward.

Big names have already been brought back in for the event, including Goldberg and John Cena, but WWE 2K22 could take center stage as well in their own way.

The most obvious potential reveal is a trailer, as the teaser shared announcing the game during WrestleMania 37 was pretty slim on actual gameplay footage and felt more like a preview of the engine and graphics.

No details about gameplay, game modes, new features, or anything like that have come out just yet, and SummerSlam would be the perfect time to capitalize on the excitement of the event and a major gameplay trailer for WWE 2K22.


Another big question mark for the game so far is who (who? who?!) will be on the cover, and we've broken down some of the top contenders for that spot.

Then again, especially with the desire to separate themselves from WWE 2K20 and make clear this is a new era, we could get even more from WWE 2K22 at the event.

Aside from confirming details like release date or platforms and sending the game live for pre order, we could see a massive news such as a WWE 2K22 demo or beta.

Giving fans a way to test out the game prior to launch and make sure it's as high quality as possible would be huge, as would offering a free to play demo to make up for the failure of WWE 2K20 to deliver.

No matter what they choose to drop, WWE 2K22 fans surely aren't going to want to miss SummerSlam on August 21, 2021.