WWE 2K22 announcement coming at WrestleMania 37

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After the struggles of WWE 2K20 and cancellation of WWE 2K21, good news has finally arrived as WWE Games and 2K have confirmed WWE 2K22.

While details are still scarce, the official word was dropped today, and more is expected to be revealed about WWE 2K22 this weekend during WrestleMania 37.

WWE 2K22 confirmed, announcement coming during WrestleMania 37

WWE 2K22 is one of the most highly anticipated WWE gaming installments in years, thanks in large part due to the issues with WWE 2K20.

After the bugs and difficult release of WWE 2K20 and the onset of the global pandemic, WWE 2K21 was cancelled altogether.

Fortunately, we finally know that WWE 2K22 is headed to us later this year thanks to the above announcement teaser from WWE Games on Twitter.

More details are expected this weekend during WWE WrestleMania 37, which takes place April 10th and April 11th with an 8pm ET (5pm PT) start time for each night.

Reveal Trailer likely coming at WrestleMania 37

While today's announcement by 2K Games was extremely limited, they wouldn't have made it without a big reveal coming this weekend.

WWE 2K22 Confirmed Announcement Reveal Trailer WrestleMania 37
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WRESTLEMANIA REVEAL: Big WWE 2K news is coming this weekend

WWE WrestleMania 37 will be the first time a large crowd is in attendance for a WWE event since the onset of the global pandemic, and it looks like the weekend just got even bigger.

The most likely news would be a reveal trailer, and hopefully an official release date or at least release window for later this year.

WWE 2K22 fans can watch WrestleMania 37 on Peacock in the US or on WWE Network if outside of the US, and we just might find out during the show if WWE 2K22 is also going next gen for the first time.

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