WWE 2K22 Game Modes: MyGM (GM Mode), MyFACTION highlight new additions

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WWE 2K22 is just a few short months away, and this year's title is bringing a flurry of new Game Modes.

From the highly anticipated MyGM to the all-new MyFACTION, here's everything we know about all the WWE 2K22 Game Modes coming this year.

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WWE 2K22 Game Modes

WWE 2K22 is still a decent ways away from a potential release date, but we have already begun learning about some of the game modes it'll include.


Thanks to the latest Feature Reveal Trailer highlighting some of what's coming in WWE 2K22, we know about major game modes returning like MyGM (formerly GM Mode) and new ones like MyFACTION.

There are some game modes we're less sure about whether they're back, like Towers, and little has been said about any potential Online Play in WWE 2K22.


The various WWE 2K22 Game Modes will include an upgraded Creation Suite for your MyPLAYER (aka Create-A-Wrestler or CAW), and they're introducing more classes to improve that system.

WWE 2K22 Creation Suite Community Creations
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BRING THE POWER: The new Creation Suite offers more options than ever

We're expecting other Creation Suite options like Create-An-Arena and Create-A-Championship to return, and there are hopes that other classics like Create-A-Finisher could make a return.

MyGM (formerly GM Mode)

After years of fan requests to revive the beloved GM Mode from the SmackDown vs. Raw era, that's finally happening!

WWE 2K22 will bring it back as MyGM, and even the brief glimpses we got in the trailer reveal are already looking amazing.

WWE 2K22 MyGM GM Mode
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MyGM'S DEBUT: The once beloved GM Mode returns in an all new way

Major aspects like the cost/budget mechanics, the total Fans, and more all appear to be back in this new version of GM Mode.

We'll hopefully learn more details about MyGM as launch approaches, but right now it's easily the most exciting news about the title.

MyRISE (formerly MyCAREER)


After WWE 2K20 got severe criticism for the way it handled MyCAREER, it looks like Visual Concepts are looking for a fresh start in that area.

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WHY SETH WHY: It looks like your MyPLAYER doesn't get along with Rollins

This single player story and Career Mode has been renamed MyRISE, but we're still expecting a similar structure with new storylines and challenges as you build up your male or female MyPLAYER.



While the information we have is very limited, MyFACTION could be a dark horse gem among the many WWE 2K22 Game Modes, and it's the only one this year that is 100% brand-new.

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DO IT YOURSELF: Build a legendary faction from the ground up

We did learn that MyFACTION is the only one which will utilize purchasble Virtual Currency or VC, but that those purchasable items won't provide a competitive edge.

MyFACTION will challenge players to build a legendary faction by collecting, managing, and upgraded superstars of the past and present, and it definitely sounds reminiscent of NBA 2K22's MyTEAM.

Superstar Showcase: Rey Mysterio


While we didn't get extensive details about it, we do know that Superstar Showcase is returning and the primary focus looks to be the legendary Rey Mysterio.

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It's possible they could do a secondary Showcase, but as of now this is the only one we're expecting.


In addition to playing through the Superstar Showcase and reliving the best moments of Rey Mysterio's lengthy career, we could see some classic WCW arenas added to represent some of his time there.

Universe Mode

Last but certainly not least, we have the controversial Universe Mode which seems to be either loved or hated by most players.

There were some fears that Universe Mode could be used as a base for a returning GM Mode, potentially damaging both, but it they're actually remaining separate.

Universe Mode is confirmed to return, and Visual Concepts stated they're bringing more control and customization than ever to it this year.