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Drew McIntyre says WWE 2K22 team wants it to be 'absolutely perfect'

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WWE 2K22 may still be several months out, but the latest words from Drew McIntyre indicate very high standards from the team at 2K.

With the debacle of WWE 2K20 fresh on their minds, it looks like the team working on WWE 2K22 is more determined than ever to deliver.

Drew McIntyre says WWE 2K22 team knows WWE 2K20 was bad

Ahead of WWE Survivor Series 2021, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took some time to speak to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.

While much of the interview focused on upcoming and past WWE events, they did take a slight detour to discuss the upcoming WWE 2K22 game.

Sapp asked McIntyre whether he'd had the opportunity to do any scans or record voiceovers for the game, and Drew McIntyre also took a moment to speak on the work being done by the dev team at Visual Concepts.

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"I've been filming some different stuff for it, filming some liners, doing the scans," McIntyre said of the processes he's been involved in during development.

"I think the last one, how things turned out, they weren't great. They owned that and know that," McIntyre added regarding the release of WWE 2K20.

Despite high expectations, WWE 2K20 was one of the most abysmal game releases the franchise has ever seen as the game was riddled with bugs at launch.

Following that failure and the subsequent cancellation of WWE 2K21, it seems the team at Visual Concepts developing the title for 2K Sports and WWE Games is more aware than ever of just how much pressure they're facing.

Visual Concepts want WWE 2K22 to be 'absolutely perfect'

The good thing about WWE 2K21's cancellation and the eventual delay of WWE 2K22 is that the development team have had significantly more time to work on the game.

WWE 2K22 could've once again been riddled with bugs had they released it back in October as originally expected, but the delay allows extra work to be done ahead of launch.

McIntyre stated that Visual Concepts "are making sure [WWE 2K22] is absolutely perfect," which is a tall order but an understandable goal for the team.

"I can't wait to play because I know how hard they've been working on it and it's going to be friggin' awesome when it comes out," McIntyre said.

Tons of new features headed to WWE 2K22 were recently revealed in a new trailer, and we've got more details here on which game modes are confirmed.

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