WWE 2K19: Best Finishers

Which finishing moves are the best in WWE 2K19? We’ve got the top finishing moves in WWE 2K19.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Finishing moves are some of the most recognizable in wrestling. Just the sight of a DDT can bring back memories of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a wrestler can get a WOO! from the crowd if he locks in a figure four. In WWE 2K19 each superstar has their own finishing move that they use every week in WWE matches, but you can also change it to one of a countless number of moves. You could make your finisher a headbutt, or just a chop, but if you really want to make an impact, which finisher should you pick?

The best finishers in WWE 2K19

To change the finisher of a superstar you need to go over to My WWE on the main menu and select “Edit Superstars”. Scroll down to where it says “Finishers”. This will take you into the moveset editor where you need to select “Special Moves”, then “Finishers” and you can pick away to your heart’s content. To activate your finisher you’ll need to earn one by getting your counter up to 150 percent, or 100 percent and then hitting your signature move. Once you do earn a finishing move, you can activate it by pressing Y on Xbox One or ▲ on PS4 when prompted.

Stone Cold Stunner

Position: Standing Front

Nothing says Attitude Era quite like a Stone Cold Stunner. The hallmark of Steve Austin, the most popular WWE superstar of all time, the Stunner can be hit from a standing position. This makes it very easy to hit against anyone and at any time. It has huge impact on the head as well as impacting the torso, and if you were a fan of WWE in the late ’90s then this move is almost certainly your favorite already.

Frog Splash

Position: Dive Vs Grounded Opponent

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most beloved superstars in WWE, and his passing in November 2005 sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry. His conquest of Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship at No Way Out ’04 sparked one of the biggest crowd reactions in history. The Frog Splash is a heavy attack on the torso from the top rope and a classic maneuver that nearly every fan knows and loves.

054 Splash

Position: Dive Vs. Grounded Opponent

If the Frog Splash is one of the most loved diving moves, then the 054 is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated. The hallmark of Mustafa Ali on 205 Live right now, the inverted 450 splash is one of the most dangerous aerial attacks a wrestler can attempt, and yet he never misses his target. This move is so spectacular that if you want to play as an agile aerial assassin this has to be the move for you.

Avalanche Attitude Adjustment

Position: Top Rope – Front

The ultimate display of power from WWE’s ultimate superstar. The Avalanche Attitude Adjustment is John Cena’s rarely-seen super-finisher, but for you it can be in every match and a great way to polish off an opponent. It does enormous torso damage and can be followed up immediately with a pin to increase your chances of getting the 1-2-3.


Position: Dive Vs Standing Opponent

A diving, twisting, stunner… What’s not to love!? Ember Moon’s Eclipse was immediately the most spectacular finisher in NXT when she first used it, and it’s quickly become a fan favorite. The Eclipse does massive head damage and is almost a guaranteed 1-2-3 if you have a good Aerial Offense stat. 

Package Piledriver

Position: Standing – Front

Kevin Owens fans may never have seen this move, but those who knew him before he came to the WWE were sad to see the end of this move. While others have picked up the Package Piledriver on the Indies, it is only fitting to do this move with the innovator and originator himself. The Package Piledriver is a devastating move that impacts both the head and the torso

Shatter Machine

Position: Tag Finisher

While singles finishers are great, a tag team finisher can be truly destructive, and no tag team finisher is as impressive in the current WWE as The Revival’s Shatter Machine. It deals massive torso damage while bringing back a feel of the Dudley’s 3D with the flapjack into a regular finisher.

More Bang (More Bang For Your Buck)

Position: Tag Finisher

This isn’t currently used by anyone in WWE, but fans of Indie wrestling may recognize this move as a regular in the arsenal of The Young Bucks. It is terrific that WWE 2K19 has included this finisher, and the next two, within the game so that WWE fans can experience new moves and Indie fans can create their favorite wrestlers before they get to the WWE. You’ll want to use a team with good aerial offense for this one as it includes two diving attacks.

Wristlock Lariat (Rainmaker)

Position: Standing Behind

Another non-WWE finishing move. The Wristlock Lariat is the 2K name for Kazuchika Okada’s Rainmaker lariat. A devastating spinning clothesline that deals massive head damage as well as torso damage. This is perfect to do with a strong superstar as arm power is the main stat involved.

Ulster Plantation (One Winged Angel)

Position: Corner – Back

Finally, we have what is easily the most destructive finishing move anywhere on the planet. In WWE 2K19 it is known as Ulster Plantation, but you and I know it as the One Winged Angel, preferred finishing move of current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. Normally a move that would attack the head and neck, 2K19 have sanitized it somewhat and turned it into more of a slam that deals damage to the torso, but it is still a spectacular move and one that every player will love to hit.


Toby Durant