WWE 2K19: 2K Towers – Easy Guide

2K Towers is a wonderful game mode this year, but with 22 gauntlets to complete and some tough matches, which are the easiest to conquer?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

2K Towers is a fun game mode within WWE 2K19. It sets you several different challenges against specific AI opponents, and includes the Million Dollar Challenge that could see you play against AJ Styles himself for a shot at $1 million.

That is a nice reward for one player, but 2K Towers does provide a few other aspects for everyone to enjoy. It’s enjoyable to play against a range of opponents with unique stipulations and score targets that reward you with a good chunk of VC to spend on unlockables

There are 22 Towers in total with more to be added over the year. So which are the easiest to beat? And what do you need to do to conquer those Towers and pull down some simple rewards? Let’s see…

No Way

Difficulty: Easy

Opponents: Curtis Hawkins (Normal Match), Noam Dar (Normal Match), Ariya Daivari (Extreme Rules), Tony Nese (Normal Match), No Way Jose (Last Man Standing)

Rewards: Complete All Matches – 200 VC, 22,250 Points – 250 VC, 42,500 Points – 300 VC, 56,000 Points – 600 VC

The No Way Tower is a good way to get started. You can choose the superstar you want to play with and have relatively weak opponents to go up against that pose little challenge even if you play with our realistic sliders. You should be able to take this one down with minimal effort.

In order to score 56,000 points and get the maximum VC reward you must let the AI have some offense on you and put on 4.5-star matches in every bout. To do that, make sure you use a variety of moves, hit some counters, make some kickouts, and if possible register an OMG moment or two.

Your opponents are Curtis Hawkins (64 OVR), Noam Dar (69 OVR), Ariya Daivari (68 OVR), Tony Nese (70 OVR), and No Way Jose himself (71 OVR) making victory a near-certainty if you use a legit superstar like Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. You get three normal singles matches as well as an Extreme Rules one against Daivari and a Last Man Standing match with No Way Jose. It is important to note that the Last Man Standing match is not a “no DQ” match as you might expect, so if you pull out a chair to try and get the job done expect the referee to ring the bell. 

UK TakeOver

Difficulty: Easy

Opponents: Gentleman Jack Gallagher (Normal Match), Tyler Bate (Normal Match), Pete Dunne (Submission), Drew McIntyre (Normal Match), British Bulldog (Falls Count Anywhere)

Rewards: Complete All Matches – 250 VC, 22,250 Points – 300 VC, 42,500 Points – 500 VC, 56,000 Points – 800 VC

The UK TakeOVer Tower pits you against five of WWE’s talented British wrestlers, though it doesn’t pose much more of a challenge than the No Way Tower. Once again hitting the maximum VC reward will be tough and require you to sit back and take some offense from the AI in every match.

Your opponents are Gentleman Jack Gallagher (71 OVR), Tyler Bate (78 OVR), Pete Dunne (81 OVR) in a submission match, Drew McIntyre (83 OVR), and finally British Bulldog (81 OVR) in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The one wrinkle is that you can’t exit the ring in your submission match with Dunne. Due to that submission stipulation it would be wise to use someone like Sting, who has good power moves to get pins but also has a submission as his secondary finisher and can tap out someone when needed.

Fandango Tango

Difficulty: Easy

Opponents: Heath Slater (Normal Match), Otis Dozovic (Falls Count Anywhere), Tye Dillinger (TLC), Tyler Breeze (Normal Match), Fandango (Extreme Rules)

Rewards: Complete All Matches – 250 VC, 22,250 Points – 300 VC, 42,500 Points – 500 VC, 56,000 Points – 800 VC

Another simple tower to get you into the flow of this game type. The opponents in this one are pretty soft just like No Way and UK TakeOver. Heath Slater (73 OVR), Otis Dozovic (74 OVR), Tye Dillinger (75 OVR), Tyler Breeze (77 OVR), and Fandango (79 OVR) are all easy if you pick a monster or powerhouse type superstar.

It’s worth noting that you get a TLC match in this Tower, so you should take a look at our controls guide if you haven’t done ladder matches in WWE 2K19 before. That match also has a “No diving attacks” stipulation, that makes using a high-flyer for the tower, such as Eddie Guerrero or Mustafa Ali, a very bad choice. If you use Goldberg or Brock Lesnar you can steamroll through this Tower.

Absolution X Iconics

Difficulty: Easy

Opponents: Sonya Deville (Normal Match), Peyton Royce (Normal Match), Mandy Rose (TLC), Billie Kay (Normal Match), Paige (Submission)

Rewards: Complete All Matches – 200 VC, 22,250 Points – 250 VC, 42,500 Points – 300 VC, 56,000 Points – 600 VC

The easiest taste of women’s wrestling in 2K Towers is the Absolution X Iconics Tower. Your five opponents are Sonya Deville (74 OVR), Peyton Royce (78 OVR), Mandy Rose (70 OVR), Billie Kay (78 OVR), and of course Paige (83 OVR). This should be simple if you choose one of NXT’s Four Horsewomen or Ronda Rousey.

You get another TLC match in this Tower, against Mandy Rose, and also a Submission match against Paige, making the use of a superstar like Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair much more productive. It is worth noting that you get a “no ring exit” stipulation against Billie Kay too.


Toby Durant