AEW Fight Forever Xbox One: Everything you need to know

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever

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AEW Fight Forever is looking to shake the gaming world by providing the first major competitor to WWE for some time.

The game has been in development flux for some time, with no confirmed release date in place.

That being said, plenty of information is readily available regarding the new game and we can shed some light on what will feature.

With the game set to release on both current generation and old generation consoles, take a look below to find out everything we know about the game's release on Xbox One.

AEW Fight Forever Xbox One

AEW Fight Forever has been confirmed to release across current and old generation consoles, which means Xbox One players will get to experience the game once it finally lands.

AEW Fight Forever has been in a confusing state of perpetuity for some time, but an update has finally been provided on the state of the game.

THQ Nordic’s Global Senior Community Manager Zyddies squashed reports of an imminent release date for the game, but did clarify that it's in a good place.

With contrasting reports over the status of the game, Zyddies spoke more about the matter on a recent live stream.

AEW Fight Forever
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CLINGING ON - AEW Fight Forever is in desperate need of a solid release date
"It really looks like a good game... Everything I’ve seen and everything looks amazing."
"Sorry that was not the news that everybody wanted, that the game is fully finished... but not just yet."
"The game is in a good state. As soon as we do launch it, I think people will be happy, then everybody will just forget about all the other stuff, and everybody will be happy and enjoy it.... but that doesn’t mean the game is done."

Whilst it may not be a concrete release date, it is the first update we've received regarding the game for some time, with its eventual release looking to be more of a matter of months, not weeks.

As of now, the game has no set release date and information is scant as to when the game will release.

There is a chance that the game could be delayed, with many voicing their concerns that the game could be outdated almost instantaneously.

Confirmed Game Modes & Features

Thanks to the official store listings, we now know details on plenty of the modes and match types that will feature in AEW Fight Forever.

The main modes confirmed so far are:

  • Career mode
  • Wrestler customization
  • Online co-op multiplayer
  • Signature AEW arenas
  • Nostalgic arcade-wrestler feel

In addition, we know the following match types will be available in AEW Fight Forever:

AEW Fight Forever screenshot Jon Moxley Kenny Omega
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FIRST LOOK: These new images have just leaked via Xtralife
  • Singles Match
  • Tag Team Match
  • 3-Way Match
  • 4-Way Match
  • Ladder Match
  • Casino Battle Royale
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match
  • Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
  • Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match

Intergender matches and visible blood during hardcore matches were announced early on and have since been confirmed through official trailers.

Pre Order & Price

AEW Fight Forever will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

AEW Fight Forever screenshot Abadon Thunder Rosa Yuka Sakazaki
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FIRST LOOK: These new images have just leaked via Xtralife

The game will have a standardized $59.99 price point across all platforms with no price hike on next gen editions.

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