AEW Fight Forever: Earn credits FAST

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AEW Fight Forever: Earn credits FAST

Wondering how to earn credits fast in AEW Fight Forever? Well, look no further as we have compiled this guide which will assist you regarding the ways you can grab more credits in AEW Fight Forever more quickly.

AEW Fight Forever is an exciting wrestling game that grabs players' attention with its intense fights and fun gameplay. To access a roster of 52 powerful wrestlers, players must earn credits, which are not initially given in abundance.

These credits can be acquired gradually over time to unlock more content and progress in the game. However, it is indeed a time taking process and we all surely hate this.

Thus, we will explore various methods to expedite the process of earning credits in AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Fight Forever: Earn credits FAST

The most traditional way is to spend time in the game this will eventually lead to the fill-up of your credit bank. Otherwise, there are a few methods mentioned below. By implementing these strategies, players can increase their credit accumulation speed and progress faster in the game.

AEW Fight Forever’s finisher move
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Credit: AEW Fight Forever

Accomplish all the daily and weekly challenges

The challenges have become a traditional way of earning credits in most games nowadays. These challenges mostly occur on a daily or weekly basis. Similarly, AEW also provides you with a few challenges.

These are fairly simple to moderate challenges and did not require much effort. These challenges can be performed on a daily or weekly basis. The weekly challenges are slightly more difficult than the daily ones but credit rewards are big overall.

You can easily find the available daily and weekly challenges in the main menu of the home screen.

Participate in Exhibition match

Another try-and-tested method to earn credits fast is to participate in Exhibition matches. You will get more credits if you participate in these challenges with a 5-star.

Gaining 5 stars is pretty simple, you have to use weapons, combo, or even signature moves while in combat.

Additionally, on playing 100 exhibitions match you will be eligible to unlock Owen Hart with potential big credit rewards.

Participate in other modes also

Last but not least, AEW Fight Forever provides a range of exciting game modes, each with its own unique advantages. By delving into diverse modes such as Casino Battle Royale and Tag Team, among others, you can elevate your gaming experience and earn valuable rewards.

It is highly recommended to engage in a wide array of activities and challenges. Some challenges even offer badges as rewards, which are equally enticing opportunities to seize alongside cash rewards.

That's all you need to know about how you can earn credits fast in AEW Fight Forever. Meanwhile, if you are wondering where to spend your hard earn credits then you can check out How to unlock Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever.


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