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When Does Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 End?

Valorant episode five, act one went live with patch 5.0 on June 22 2022. They took away Split, loaded players up with the new Pearl and brought on a whole load more changes.

However, with this content not being available forever, a new patch will be released. Luckily, Riot has generously given players two months to seize all the goods before the next patch comes.

With there being little information about the latest patch out yet. Let's look at just how long we have until the next patch and what we will be losing.

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When does Episode 5 end?

According to the battle pass, this act will end on August 23. As most battle passes last for about two months, August 23 is most probably the date to look out for.

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Of course, this is all down to speculation. There has not yet been a confirmed date and with Riot's week away, this could be changed.

What was added in Episode 5 Act 1?

A brand new map was added to the game. Based in an underwater city evading the natural disasters above, Pearl paints an idyllic scene. The battle pass also included some new skins for an array of Valorant weapons.

Valorant Viper
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The prelude to Chaos skin line was a new bundle added to the shop. The sci-fi-themed weapon skins donned a purple oil slick nature that perfectly implemented them into the game.

The sad thing about this new patch was the removal of Split. Valorant players were not happy about this change to make way for Pearl.

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