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UFC 5: Dana White addresses the lack of new fighters

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UFC 5 cover art

UFC 5 was released just two days ago, and the reactions from the UFC community have been mixed so far. Many have enjoyed the new features and think UFC 5 made a considerable leap from its predecessor. On the other hand, many users have pointed the finger at some huge problems the game has, one of them being the lack of new fighters.

The UFC 5 roster is stacked and full of legendary fighters, but fans have complained about the lack of new fighters in the game. In a press conference, Dana White was asked about this topic and gave his thoughts on the situation.

So, let's see what the UFC boss had to say.

Dana White thoughts on the UFC 5 roster

When asked about the fact that UFC 5 is missing plenty of ranked fighters, and if he could push to get them on the game roster, Dana White was quick to ask which fighters were missing.

The journalist listed some of the top fighters that are missing in the game, such as Sean Brady and Adrian Yanexand, and Dana White responded in a surprising way. The UFC boss asked for the list of fighters the journalist thought should be in the game, and which ones should be replaced to make space for them.

UFC 5 gameplay
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This led to a fun back-and-forth between the journalist and Dana White, who discussed which UFC fighters should be removed from the UFC 5 roster to make space for new ones.

We don't think any roster changes to UFC 5 will be made in the near future. However, Dana White did say he "would make the suggested changes happen", so fingers crossed.

UFC 5 controls

Until the UFC 5 roster changes don't happen, you should focus on mastering the controls of the game. There are some new features you will need to get used to, and if you are a new player to the UFC franchise then there is plenty of controls to learn.

UFC 5 grappling
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Fortunately for you, we have a very in-depth guide about the UFC 5 controls which will help you understand what each control does. It will also help you become familiar with the game controls much faster. For more news about UFC 5 check out Realsport101.

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