UFC 5 New Features: New transition submissions & blood lead a huge number of changes

UFC 5 new features

UFC 5 new features

At long last we are getting a new game, and there is plenty to love about the UFC 5 new features. EA's upcoming MMA game is set to be the most realistic and true-to-life than any of its previous entries.

UFC 5 is going to be packed with a lot of changes and improvements from previous games. Whether you are brilliant at UFC 4 or a new fan just getting into the sport, there will be to learn and experience within the Octagon!

UFC 5 new features

After a three-year absence, UFC is returning to gaming in a BIG way. Leaving PS4 and Xbox One behind, UFC 5 will run at a full 60 fps on PS5 on Xbox Series X|S.

Unfortunately, UFC 5 will not be on PC, at least for the time being.

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This is to deliver more accurate gameplay and visuals. Responsive gameplay is key to a fast-paced sport and this bump in fps will help deliver the combat experience players want.

UFC 5 is also moving to EA's Frostbite engine. Players of FIFA & Madden will be used to Frostbite, and it will deliver detailed character models, improved lighting & shading, and allow for new presentation elements throughout the game.

Improved fighter models

Players can expect big improvements on all fighter likenesses in UFC 5. Everything from skin to body geometry has had an overhaul for UFC 5, and with the improved lighting that should have a big impact.

Fighters will also have strand-based hair which should mean the whole experience feels more realistic. Thanks to new facial animation technology the fighters will be more accurate and true-to-life than ever before.

Blood & injuries

This game is about to be the most visually realistic one yet. Fighter damage is getting a massive improvement in UFC 5, with cuts, bruises, and swelling all impacting a fighter's face as the bout goes on.

Damage will impact fighter attributes too, with swollen eyes limiting the ability to counter from that side, and damaged legs slowing you down. A broken nose will impact stamina, too.

EA will NOT include extreme injuries like compound fractures or exploding cauliflower ears, but facial disfigurement and bloody fighters are in! This is why the game is rated M, a first for the series. Blood pooling on the canvas and transferring between fighters is also included in this remarkably authentic damage model that EA has developed.

There are eight regions on the face for cuts, bruises, and swelling to appear, and all have five multiple levels of severity. This allows for a staggering 64,000 possibilities of facial damage during a fight.

Doctor stoppages

Fight doctors are in the game! As you take damage the commentators will make reference to specific areas of injury, hinting that a doctor check may be incoming.

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If they let the fight continue then the check could trigger a change of tactic from a fighter. Emphasising attacking that area of injury more, potentially leaving themselves open for a counter, or using it as a decoy to then attack elsewhere.

Of course, the doctor can also call off the fight too. Winning by stoppage is great, but it does mean you won't be seeing another new feature...

Cinematic KO replay

All these new features come together in a super slo-mo, dramatic KO replay that adds enhanced visual effects for that big knockout blow.

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From blood spits to flying sweat and the dull thud of impact, the cinematic KO replay gives a real fatality vibe to the triumphant moment in a fight.

New strike animations

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A lot of new strike animations have been added to UFC 5. These will emphasis the skill and athleticism of the fighters, as well as the brutal nature of the UFC.

These all come with a new physics-based hit reactions system to help the fight flow in a natural way. Some of the new animations include:

  • Ground & pound elbows
  • New spinning attacks
  • New calf kicks
  • Improved body punches
  • Heavy hitter package
  • Kickboxing package

Transition-based submission system

It's not just striking that has seen a big overhaul, but the ground game too. This new "seamless submission" system will focus on player reactions, knowledge, and their own style.

Mini-games are gone, there are 600 new submission animations that seamlessly interlace with existing grappling controls on the left and right stick. This will allow for faster transitions and a more realistic fight feel. It also removes a big pain point for the community!

Fight Week

This new mode bundles up a few previous items from other UFC games. Themed on up-coming or just-pasted real-world PPV events, Fight Week will be where players can pick up their daily contracts, make fight predictions, or progress challenges to unlock alter egos of fighters.

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