Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide: Best combos, move list, and more

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A screenshot of Marisa from her character trailer in Street Fighter 6.
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has a lot of familiar and new faces players will get to know. One of these is the towering female brawler, Marisa who hails from the Spartans. You'll get to know more about this spirited fighter in our Street Fighter 6 Marisa guide below. We'll be covering some of the best combos, move lists, and more.

Also making her first appearance in SF6, this Italian designer's fists are as diamond-hard as the jewels she creates. Continue reading to know more about her story and stunning combos on the battlefield.

Who is Marisa?

A screenshot image of Marisa from her character trailer.
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Credit: Capcom

As mentioned earlier, Marisa is an Italian jewellery designer who lives for the art of battle. She's more than willing to find opponents stronger than her and that doesn't stop her from going beyond her limits. Additionally, she stands at 6'8 feet tall and is proud of her heritage, basking in her knowledge of ancient history particularly in pankration and Roman gladiators.

Despite her intimidating demeanour, Marisa is still professional and upholds the value of sportsmanship a lot. Moreover, she finds the beauty in the simplest of things such as fine art, jewellery, and even painting her nails right before her next match.

Marisa bread and butter combos

A screenshot of Marisa against an opponent.
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Credit: Capcom

Marisa has a unique fighting style as a character. In line with her interests of Greek and Roman history, she primarily uses Pankration, a submission-based fighting style. We'll get to some of the best combos you can use for her below.

Marisa combination recommendations

  • Medium Two-Hitter & Phalanx - 2 Medium Punch + Dragon Punch + Punch
  • Novacula Swipe & Javelin of Marisa - 2 Light Punch + Down + 2 Forward + Punch
  • Quadriga & Javelin of Marisa & Goddess of the Hunt - Down + Forward + Kick + Down + 2 Forward + Punch + Down + 2 Forward + Kick
  • Falx Crusher & Ponte Milvio - Forward + 2 Heavy Kick + Back + Light Punch + Light Kick
  • Heavy Two Hitter & Caelum Arc - 2 Heavy Punch + Down + Heavy Punch

Marisa move list

Besides our recommended combos, we've also prepared the full list of moves of Marisa so you can build your own combinations to use when playing Street Fighter 6. Feel free to build your moves to maximise and have fun with Marisa on the battlefield. This list can also help you in remembering some of the moves.

Marisa unique attacks

In Marisa's unique attacks, players can definitely maximise her two-hit combo moves. But every now and then, you can throw in some heavy attacks for more damage against opponents.

Move Name Control Description
Caelum ArcDown + Heavy PunchA wide range aerial punch.
Falx CrusherForward + Heavy Kick + Forward + Heavy KickA two-hit combo.
Heavy Two HitterHeavy Punch + Heavy PunchA two-hit combo.
Light Two HitterLight Punch + Light PunchA two-hit combo.
Magna BunkerBack + Heavy PunchA strong attack against your opponent.
Malleus BreakerDown Forward + Heavy Punch + Down Forward + Heavy PunchAn overhead two-hit combo.
Marisa Style(Hold) Heavy Punch or Heavy KickThis is an increased heavy attack.
Medium Two HitterMedium Punch + Medium PunchA two-hit combo.
Novacula SwipeForward Medium Punch + Heavy PunchThis two-hit combo is accompanied by a low.
Novacula ThrustForward _ Medium Punch + Heavy PunchA two-hit combo accompanied by a high.
Volare Combo(Mid air) Medium Punch + Medium PunchA two-hit combo done mid-air.

Marisa special moves

The special moves of Marisa are definitely powerful when opponents are stuck in corners with no room for escape. She can easily crush and deal serious blows to opponents if they aren't careful of their surroundings.

Move Name Control Description
GladiusQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchA strong punch that can be held down.
DimachaerusQuarter Circle Back + (Any) Punch + Forward + (Any) PunchProduces an uppercut with a finisher.
PhalanxDragon Punch + (Any) PunchAn overhead move.
QuadrigaQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickA strong kick move.
ScutumQuarter Circle Back + (Any) KickThis is a parry and a chance of stance which can be held down.
Tonitrus(After Scutum) (Any) Punch + (Any) PunchA two-hit attack.
Procella(After Scutum) (Any) KickA strong kick.
Enfold(After Scutum) Light Kick + Light PunchA throw.

Marisa Super Arts

While for Super Arts, when your fighter's Super Gauge is filled, Marisa can produce heavy blows against opponents that may prevent them from getting back on their feet. If you're battling against Marisa, be sure to take a lot of caution and avoid tight spots.

Move Name Control Description
Goddess of the HuntDouble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickThis is a close-range punch that releases a powerful attack.
Javelin of MarisaDouble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchThis is a strong punch attack that can be held down.
MeteoriteDouble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchAn upper attack.

Tips to master Marisa

A screenshot of Marisa against an opponent.
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Credit: Capcom

Balance Marisa's defence and offence

Marisa may be stronger on the offensive, however, she's pretty decent on the defensive side as well. Try using the Scutum as it can work as a parry yet still have room for offensive attacks. You can use grabs and deal some damage against opponents. You have the right balance between defence and offence with this combination, confusing your opponents if you're going to fight or shield yourself.

Maximise the use of throws

As mentioned earlier, Marisa has a throw which is the Enfold. You can throw enemies into corners, depriving them of opportunities to make large moves. This can even start a combination of moves wherein after throwing your opponents, you can create heavy attacks to knock back your enemies such as with the Quadriga.

Take the battle mid-air

Try using the Volare Combo sometime. When your opponent is shielding himself from your attacks, you can use this opportunity to do a Volare Combo or Overdrive Dimachaerus once Marisa crouches. Another option you have is doing a crouching punch to secure your chances of heavily hitting down your opponent.

Tips against opponent Marisa

Remember she's a close-range fighter


If you're battling Marisa, you have to keep in mind that she's a close-to-mid-range fighter. So being in tight spots is what you want to avoid. It helps if you use fighters who are good at long-range battles such as JP and Dhalsim. Another fighter who can match her in terms of mid-range combat is Ryu.

Take advantage of her being a slow fighter

Another tip for beating Marisa is to remember that she's a heavy attacker. This means that it takes her slightly longer to execute her moves. You must take the opportunity when she's about to do a move to strike at her to throw off her rhythm.

Strike at the low points

Lastly, while Marisa is good at upper attacks and defence, Marisa is weak against low attacks. You can actually spam low attacks to throw off her footing and strike her continuously.

Overall, that's all the information we have on Marisa's combos, move list, and background in Street Fighter 6. If you want to see more fighter guides like this, you can check out our other pieces such as our Street Fighter 6 Manon guide and how to get TMNT costumes in Street Fighter 6.

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