Street Fighter 6 Manon Guide: Best combos, move list, and more

The Judoka Ballet Dancer from Street Fighter 6, Manon
Credit: Capcom

The Judoka Ballet Dancer from Street Fighter 6, Manon
Credit: Capcom

Are you getting to know the new faces of the Street Fighter franchise? Look no further for everything you need to understand the game's Judoka Ballet Dancer with our Street Fighter 6 Manon guide!

Making her first appearance in SF6, the French supermodel is more than just a pretty face. Read on to learn her backstory and some must-have combinations to pick up the victory with Manon!

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Who is Manon?

A screenshot of Street Fighter 6 Manon in the official trailer
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Credit: Capcom
Street Fighter 6 Manon

The youngest of three siblings in a wealthy French family, Manon grew up in a happy family with her parents and older brothers. However, this turned sour when her mother left them, telling her daughter that she would be "just fine" without her because she was "strong". Manon would go on to despise those words and set out to prove that she would be more than "just fine" in her mother's absence.

Manon pursued multiple careers with great success, achieving staggering heights as a ballerina, supermodel, and world champion judoka, but her success has not left her complacent. She is an idealist and is constantly seeking self-improvement in the pursuit of beauty, both with her appearance and her fighting style. Incorporating her passion for dance with her fierce fighting background, Manon seeks to become the world's strongest model.

Manon bread and butter combos

Get a good understanding of how best to utilise Manon before getting into the in-depth details of her complete move set. Here are the essential combinations to keep the French model in her winning ways in our Street Fighter 6 Manon guide.

Note: the numbers indicate the directional button as its positioning on the numerical keypad on a keyboard. For example, 5 is no input, 2 is down, 8 is up, 4 is left, and 6 is right.

Manon combination recommendations

  • 2 Light Punch, 2 Light Punch, 236 Heavy Kick
  • Jumping Heavy Kick, 4 Heavy Punch, 236 Medium Punch
  • Heavy Kick + Heavy Punch, 4 Heavy Punch, 214 Punch
  • Medium Punch, 214 Kick, Medium Punch, 214 Kick
  • Arabesque + Manège Doré: 236236 Kick, 63214 Punch
Street Fighter 6 Manon in-game.
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Credit: Capcom
Manon will beat up opponents with an unrivaled poise and grace.

Manon move list

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We've put together a list of all special, unique moves for Manon. Think of it as a helpful guide that you can use while playing games. It's like having a little cheat sheet to make playing easier and more fun. So, when you're in the middle of a game, you won't forget what to do next!

Manon Unique Attacks

The unique attacks in Street Fighter 6 reflect the fighter's personality and fighting style. For Manon, her attacks are delivered with fluidity, grace, and power, which pay homage to her dance and judo background.

Unique Attack
Modern Input
Classic Input
A quick upward palm strike.
4 Heavy Strike
4 Heavy Punch
Tomoe Derrière
A long kick that will launch the opponent into the air.
3 Heavy Kick
À Terre
A two-strike combination that draws the opponent closer.
Medium Attack, Medium Attack
Medium Punch, Medium Punch
En Haut
A devastating two-kick combination.
4 Medium Attack, Medium Attack
4 Medium Kick, Medium Kick
Temps Lié
A stronger two-strike combination that draws the opponent closer.
Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
Heavy Punch, Heavy Punch
A two-strike combination that is ideal for managing jumping opponents.
2 Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
2 Heavy Punch, Heavy Punch
A sweeping kick that will knock an opponent down on connection.
3 Heavy Strike

Manon Special Moves

To put a little extra sting on your strikes, Manon has a number of special moves to really bring out the ferocious Judoka that won a world championship. Here are her signature moves.

Special Move
Modern Input
Classic Input
Manège Doré
Grab your opponent to throw them off balance, then toss them to the ground with a hard throw. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock
5 Special Move
63214 Punch
A spinning upwards kick that can be used as an anti-air attack, if timed right. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock
6 Special Move
236 Kick
A ballet-style thrusting kick. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock
4 Special Move
214 Kick
A spinning grab technique that throws opponents ahead. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock
2 Special Move
236 Punch
Grand Fouetté
An extension to the Renversé, ending the sequence with a kick.
Attack (during Renversé)
Kick (during Renversé)

Manon Super Arts

Harnessing the power of Manon's martial arts skills to their fullest potential, the Super Arts are the pinnacle of her attacking skillset. Here are her most devastating techniques.

Super Art
Modern Input
Classic Input
A sliding kick along the groun that sends opponents flying. It is invincible at the start. Requires 1 Super Art stock.
5 or 6 Special Move + Heavy Attack
236236 Kick
A two-kick combination that launches the opponent into the air, which is then followed by a leaping kick. Requires 2 Super Art stock.
4 Special Move + Heavy Attack
214214 Kick
Pas de Deux
In a ballet-type performance, Manon unleashes a barrage of strikes that ends in a heavy Judo slam. Requires 3 Super Art stock.
2 Special Move + Heavy Attack
236236 Punch (when near opponent)

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