Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons (Characters): SSR & SR Tier List

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For the Global Launch of Tower of Fantasy, Hotta Studio made sure that everyone started from the same spot. That means a limited amount of SSR and SR weapons (characters).

Instead of having the current full roster to this point, and we have just the initial SSR & SR Weapons to start everything over again.

All the same, we can tell what is likely coming to the game by reviewing the state of Tower of Fantasy in China and its extra progression.

With that, we have listed the best weapons in the game, including weapons that are available now and the weapons to come.

Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons Tier List (Global Version)

We need to have in mind before starting with the list, that Tower of Fantasy has PvE and PvP modes, and some Weapons will be better for each mode.

Therefore, in our tier list, we will mention which weapons are best versus A.I. Enemies and those that are best versus other Players.

We will mention the name of the Simulacrum instead of the Weapon, as it is easier to recognize that way.

Weapon Roles

In Tower of Fantasy, players can carry at the same time up to three Weapons.

We'll be rating weapons based on each of the roles, it is worth mentioning the roles are designated by the community and not by the game.

There are three roles for now:

  • DPS – Damage dealer in the team
  • Shield Shredders or Shield Breakers
  • Support – Healer or Buffer.

We will consider zero-star weapons now, but stars will be something worth mentioning in future lists.

Best DPS

If you are on this list looking for the best choice for your SSR Box (Free SSR Weapon) from the Newcomer event, you're in the right place.

We think the best option is Samir, as she will be viable through most of the game's content, and is a good pick for PvE and PvP alike.

Samir Tower of Fantasy
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Samir is the best option for Beginner in Tower of Fantasy
  • Tier S
    • Samir
  • Tier A
    • King, Tsubasa, Crow
  • Tier B
    • Echo, Hilda

Best Shield Breaker

Most of the enemies in Tower of Fantasy have strong shields, therefore it is a good idea to bring a weapon that can break them with ease.

Meryl is the best overall in this role, as she is tanky with good DMG output meaning viability in both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Meryl in Tower of Fantasy
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Meryl besides having a great character design. Her Weapon is very useful.
  • Tier S
    • Meryl
  • Tier A
    • King, Huma, Shiro
  • Tier B
    • Ene

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Best Supports

In games like Genshin Impact, supports are sometimes the most important units. This is not the case in Tower of Fantasy.

Players can bring two DPS weapons and a shield breaker and still clear the content, but healing and buffs can come in handy in certain situations.

Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy
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Nemesis is the best support in Tower of Fantasy. Best for Volt DPS.
  • Tier S
    • Nemesis
  • Tier A
    • Coco Ritter, Tsubasa
  • Tier B
    • Zero, Pepper

Tower of Fantasy Meta (Chinese Version)

At the moment, the strongest teams in China for both PvP and PvE are those with characters using an Elemental Resonance.

These are the best weapons for each element:

  • Nemesis - Volt
  • Ruby - Fire
  • Saki Fuwa - Ice
  • Lyra - Physical

While we don't know what are the plans from Hotta Studio in terms of releases, even with some adjustments, Tower of Fantasy players can likely expect the game to follow a somewhat similar path.

Some changes for the game have already arrived in the Global Version, including Nemesis Resonance nerfs, and Samir DMG nerfs. This is something to keep in mind when looking ahead at what might be next for the game's character roster.


For now, we recommend getting those weapons that let you enjoy the game the most. Just don't get too wild with your upgrading, as the necessary resources will be important in the future.

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