Need For Speed Heat: New trailer released - the chase is on

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Need For Speed is one of the most iconic gaming franchises around, dating all the way back to 1994 and including some of the most fondly-remembered games of all time.

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In recent years though, the franchise has fallen on tough times. While 2019 has seen other legendary names like Call of Duty successfully restore their standing in the gaming community, one of the last releases of the year, Need for Speed Heat, will see the grand old title try to do the same.

Need For Speed Heat Launch Trailer

Set in the Miami-inspired Palm City, Need For Speed Heat allows you to race in semi-legal street races by day to earn Bank, and then illicit competitions at night to build your Rep. These night races bring with them a more aggressive and forceful police though, who are willing to stop at nothing to catch you and put another street racer behind bars.


Over 100,000 players have already created their fresh cars and custom liveries on the Need For Speed Heat Studio app, ready to take to the streets when the game is finally released on 8 November.

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This trailer, complete with uplifting voice over and the burning of rubber, gives us a first look at the villains of this year's game. Though we don't get the name of our atagonist, his statement against racers is enough to know we aren't going to be on friendly terms with this officer!