Forza Motorsport Release Date: Does a lack of information suggest a delay?

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With fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest Forza Motorsport title, rumours have been circulating of the game's delay.

The game, neatly called Forza Motorsport, was teased a little over two months ago, with a short announcement trailer.

Since then, news has been pretty sparse, but why is this? Let’s take a look at what we know so far!

Release Date Delayed?

There are a number of supposed causes for a potential release date delay.

One delay is, of course, covid-19 and the restrictions throughout the beginning of the year and up to now.

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However, given the announcements of various other titles, we believe that this excuse has fallen by the wayside.

One other, and more believable, cause for the delay in the release of Forza Motorsport is Turn 10’s supposed devotion to Halo Infinite.

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The headline game for the release of the Series X, Halo Infinite’s release has been prioritised and this Twitter user seems to suggest that this has led to 343 Industries borrowing from the Turn 10 staff pool.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that Turn 10 have had to divert resources from the Forza title temporarily in order to ensure the release of the new Halo game. Which could easily lead to long delays for the new Forza Motorsport.

Take these rumours with a pinch of salt, however, there's no doubt that Halo is a bigger priority for Xbox than Forza.

Game Features

The Creative Director for the latest title, Chris Esaki, has already confirmed the presence of ray tracing in the game.

Turn 10 seem set on testing the Xbox Series X's limits, and we’re excited to see what they’ve come up with.

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The game will also play host to numerous new features including, a new tyre pressure model, dynamic track temperatures and more!

Forza Motorsport price

The game, when it is released, will likely launch around the £50 mark for a standard edition. Although, some next-gen titles, like NBA 2K21, are charging more on the new consoles.

Beyond this, we can speculate that there will be various preorder bonuses, and potentially a limited edition closer to the £70 region.

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