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Forza Motorsport Trailer LIVE: Graphics, tracks, updates & more

With the arrival of a new generation of console, comes the expectation of a new Forza game.

The Xbox Games Showcase gave us a very early look at the new racer!

Forza Motorsport trailer

We got a Gran Turismo 7 trailer during the PS5 reveal event, and Xbox has now given us a glimpse of the next Forza, labelled Forza Motorsport.

Fully captured in-engine, Forza Motorsport looks like the most glorious racer of the year.

With race footage from what looked like Laguna Seca, it's set to be a huge title for all players.

Forza 8 release date

There was no release date given, not even a window.

Described as being in "early development", we shouldn't expect the game this year.

Recent leaks have suggested the game will arrive in early 2021, rather than as a launch title with the Xbox Series X.

forza motorsport
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This is probably due to development issues and the covid-19 lockdowns. If it means that a complete game is released rather than a buggy, unfinished one though, then we are happy.

What else was in Xbox Games Showcase?

The stream was set to be the biggest yet when it comes to the Xbox Series X.

Halo Infinite had an amazing eight-minute demo with gameplay and stunning graphics on show.

There was also the reveal of Fable, which sparked a lot of excitement.

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