Forza Horizon 4 Summer Update: Series 28 Summer season, new cars, challenges, Forzathon & more!

The latest update for Forza Horizon 4 saw a variety of new vehicles added to the game.

The update also saw the addition of the phenomenal new Horizon Backstage area, which has quickly become a Forza fan-favourite.

With the summer season bringing a host of new content again, let’s jump into the update and what we can expect to see in-game!

Summer Season content

As per usual, Forza is adding a number of exciting new cars to the game with this mid-October update.

forza horizon 4 gmc syclone
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NEW ADDITIONS: The GMC Syclone arrives in the latest update

One such car is brand new, the GMC Syclone. We are sure it won’t take long for Forza player to have this pride of place in their arsenal of wheeled weapons.

Other cars include the Renault Clio ’03, Rossion Q1 ’10, Jaguar I-Pace ’18, Mercedes-Benz W154 ’39, Hoonigan Corvette “Napalm Nova” ’72 and Ferrari 488 Pista ’19.

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All of these cars are earned by completing various events which are going to be added to the game.

Seasonal events and rewards

Alongside the host of cars and events already added, there will be other events added to the game.

Forza Horizon 4 1988 Commodore V8
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BLUE SKIES: Summer has returned in Forza Horizon 4

These events will have separate rewards, with primarily Super Wheelspin on offer.


This update adds in Forzathon, which has an ‘Antiquated racers’ theme.

This means that there will be various extra challenges for those who use cars classed as ‘vintage racers’.

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There are a variety of daily and weekly challenges, completion of these will grant Forzathon Points which can be used in the Forzathon shop.

Forza haven't released the shop yet, but we’ll let you know when they do!

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