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PS5 Stock News UK: Where to buy Sony's new console

Looking for the latest information about new PS5 console stock for UK Retailers? We have you covered.

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PS5 Console Stocks

It's always hard to predict when new PS5 console stock is going to drop, especially given the short notice that has now become a custom from retailers in an effort to dodge scalping issues.

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Argos did have stock earlier today reportedly but there are issues with the website that has made ordering anything difficult.

It's unknown as to whether Argos has actually run out of stock or not.

Very has also run out of stock but there are expectations that they will get some stock within the next week.



On March 24th, Smyths did manage to get a few units however all of their new PS5 console stock is now allocated.

That doesn't mean you should be without hope, though.

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Unlike other retailers, Smyths actually displays the following message:

New PS5 Console Stock Smyths
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OOS - But not for long, April is only next week!

April 2021 is a promising foresight into when they're expecting more stock, as that is only a week away! Of course, it isn't that specific but it's something.


There are rumours that they could drop as early as April 1st, so keep an eye out.

It also says the item is available in-store, so you might want to check with your local Smyths to see if they have one you can pick up with click-and-collect.


GAME is always a tricky one with their PS5 stock. They always drop things pretty short notice and it's almost never enough time to get your hands on one.

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The last GAME stock drop was on March 24th in the early hours of the morning, so we're not expecting another until at least April 2021.

New PS5 Console Stock GAME
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NO PS5s YET - GAME is a popular place for PS5 consoles so they sell out pretty quickly

That being said, it's always worth keeping an eye on. Sadly, unlike Smyths, GAME does not show an estimation as to when the new PS5 console will be back in stock.



If you look on Amazon, you're greeted with an even bleaker message.

"We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

Of course, that's more a place-holder than anything else but it isn't ideal. We're not sure when Amazon will get any more new PS5 console stock but we would expect it to drop at least in the second week of April 2021.

Rumours are that Amazon could get new PS5 console stock over the weekend and drop it from March 30th onwards, but take this with a grain of salt.

More Options

If you're really in need of a PS5 console, there's always non-new stock at places like CEX and Ebay.


As it stands, CEX does have PS5 stock. It's second hand, and a little over-priced at £650 though. This is about £200 more than what the console would sell for brand-new, so it might be worth waiting.



Like any online marketplace, this is a mixed bag for PS5 consoles. People are selling them for anything from £450 to £650 and up.

Furthermore, there is a mixed bag of Brand New consoles and second-hand ones, so it's always worth being careful with places like Ebay.

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