Which PlayStation Game Will Get The Director's Cut Treatment Next

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With the recent string of announcements surrounding PlayStation titles receiving a Director's Cut, it makes you wonder which game should be next up for the same treatment.

The Director's Cut format hasn't been received well by all PlayStation fans, as the upgrade method for those who already own a copy of the game can seem expensive and complicated.

Regardless, let's take a look at which PlayStation titles could be next up for a Director's Cut.


As with any From Software game, especially Bloodborne, you can't help but feel like a lot of content was left on the cutting room floor. Despite how intricate and deep the lore is, there's always more content that could have been included.

Perhaps The Old Hunters scratched that itch for most fans of the game, but for others, there's still the longing to return to Yarnham one more time looking through a slightly different lens.

This PlayStation exclusive has stood the test of time and a Director's Cut could give From Software the chance to add to the experience in a way not many developers get the chance to.

God Of War

Like Bloodborne, God of War has maintained its status and a PlayStation exclusive with no PC ports made. A huge hit at the time, it rewrote what most people knew to be a God of War game and it's likely that there were even more changes left out to keep the feeling of familiarity with the franchise.

Cory Barlog is a member of an exclusive club in the games industry. Alongside names like Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami, Barlog can be considered an auteur. When you think of the games, you instantly associate them with the creator.

With the risks that God of War took, you would like to think there is enough content available to create a DIrector's Cut for this PlayStation powerhouse. We would certainly be keen to see it happen.

The Last Of Us Part 2

With how much of The Last Of Us Part 2 leaked up to the release of the game, we get the impression the creators would love to go back and make some changes and tweaks to retell this story.


By no means does it need to be retold, but a fresh look be it with contextual additions or small canonical changes could help take away the connotation that comes when you think of The Last Of Us Part 2. You can't help but go straight to the big scenes that were leaked before release which may have harmed their initial impact.

A Director's Cut for this grounded PlayStation exclusive could be perfect for setting up the upcoming HBO TV series.

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