Death Stranding Director's Cut Coming in 2021

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Death Stranding released to critical acclaim in 2019 but also plenty of confused faces. Being a game all about walking distances and connecting with other human beings through apocalyptic events, many were rather confused by it.

Over the last year, it finally clicked for many gamers (and now PC players). In some recent news, even more can get their hands on it later this year.


Death Stranding PS5 Announcement

Over at Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley had a conversation with Hideo Kojima about the creative process and how it has changed over the last year. Seconds before leaving, he announced something to both Geoff and us, the viewer,

In this, we were shown a 3-minute long trailer, entirely capture on the PS5. It has our main character, Sam, infiltrate an underground bunker, taking more than a little inspiration from Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima's previous work.


It has Sam find a box of oranges, pour them out and then place it down to investigate it. He then flips it over and hops inside, mimicking the movements of Snake. It doesn't work for him and he puts it back, perhaps referencing that Kojima is done with MGS entirely and looking forward to the future.

Death Stranding Directors Cut Release Date

Unfortunately, we don't have a release date for the director's cut just yet. This being said, we do have some information. At the very end of the trailer, it says Coming Soon and is found right next to a PS5.

Realistically, this will be here rather soon as the next few months aren't too crowded as far as game releases are concerned. The original Death Stranding released in November, an infamously busy month so it will likely come out before that. Make sure to stick around here for more information from E3.