PES 2020: Gameplay Breakdown – enhanced ball physics, first touch, defending & Adaptive Player Interaction

How will the help of legendary Andres Iniesta affect the gameplay on PES 2020?

Michael Wicherek by Michael Wicherek

The PES 2020 demo is just days away, and we will all be able to get our hands on the first little taste of the new game. 

Although the Konami brand has created headlines in recent weeks for picking up the exclusive rights for Juventus as well as the Brazilian leagues, their impressive new gameplay has gone under the radar. 

Former Barcelona and Spain superstar Andres Iniesta was a consultant as the new gameplay was being designed for PES 2020. This includes improvements to dribbling, first touch and ball mechanics to give the game a more authentic feel.

We got our hands on PES 2020 during hands on events with Bayern Munich and Juventus, as we run through the big new features for the game. 

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Finesse Dribble

Working closely with Iniesta, the Finesse Dribble has been designed to help technically gifted players slip past defenders using their ability, as well as the gamer’s anticipation of defender movements.

It isn’t clear how the new dribbling technique can be used, however, Konami have placed an emphasis on the improved spatial awareness of the player being controlled and finesse dribbling allowing for greater agility.


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