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Metro 2033 Redux Switch Review: Welcome back Comrade

The classic and defining title of the Metro series is back and getting a Redux makeover for the Nintendo Switch on 28th February.

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light Redux are both included on the same game cartridge, which is an absolute steal of a deal for any gamer out there. love.

So what do you get when you load up Metro 2033 Redux?


Metro 2033 Redux on Nintendo Switch
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METRO 2033 REDUX: The classic first Metro title revamped

Based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 is the first installment of the Metro series and was originally released by 4A Games in 2010.

Following a nuclear war that has devastated Russia in the near future, the survivors of this gruesome catastrophe are forced to live underground in a maze of Metro tunnels.

The player experiences this post-apocalyptic world as Artyom, who goes on to become the central character in the entire Metro series.

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Artyom fights to save his new home from being destroyed by the vicious mutants and rival human gangs that lurk around every corner.

Similarly to Metro: Last Light, you encounter groups of Nazis and Communists who are each competing to push their ideology and gain dominion over the tunnels.

metro redux fourth reich 1
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THIS LOOKS FAMILIAR: Factions on both sides are trouble

In Metro 2033, the choices you make throughout the game have a huge impact and determine what ending to the story you get.

No spoilers, but the differences can be vast so make sure you carefully weigh each decision as it comes up!


The game follows the typical FPS style in that the player views everything through the eyes of the hero Artyom as he navigates his way through the terrifying landscape.

A variety of firearms are available to use including revolvers and shotguns, but if you are after a quieter a way to kill the enemy you have a variety of stealth techniques at your disposal too.

Redux Weapons Metro 2033
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BIG BANG: An array of weapons are at your disposal

These stealth techniques include throwing knives from afar, using suppressors, and sneaking up behind enemies to use melee attacks.

One of the central themes of the gameplay is the use of ammunition as currency, so be sure to collect everything. Ammo can be found in a variety of places from dead bodies to caches.

Magnum Ammo Metro 2033
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SHOOT OR SPEND: Both an important tool and currency

The ammunition you scavenge can then be used to buy and upgrade weapons, creating an ingenious currency system that greatly enhances the game.

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Do you want to blast your way through everything but suffer from not being able to get the upgrades, or will you try to stealth your way past enemies to upgrade your guns and have the edge when you truly need it?


Not much can be said about the graphics except that they are of superb quality and are much crisper and enhanced than the original game.

metro redux graphics
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BRRRRILLIANT: The ice and snow stands out

The Switch version stands strong against the other console versions and adds a certain charm.

The 1080p crystal clarity when playing through the dock shows off the amazing textures and graphics that are present in Metro 2033 Redux.

Can you use Joycons?

The controls for Metro 2033 Redux are fantastic, but you don't need a pro controller to enjoy this game.

They have managed to translate the controls well to the Joycons and have made it easy to quickly access your equipment and weapons.

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Playing on handheld mode is by far the best way to play this game on the Switch, the controls make it feel very immersive and atmospheric, and just being able to play such a classic game on the go is a plus within itself.


Finally, when it comes down to giving Metro 2033 Redux on the Switch a verdict, it's a no-brainer.

The glorious graphics, engrossing and unique gameplay are all wonderful, but it is the storyline that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

The only element that comes close to being a downside to the game is that the campaign is a bit short, but thanks to the open-world nature of the game it has great replayability as you explore new areas and backtrack your way into fresh adventures.

RealSport rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

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