02 Sep 2021 9:46 AM +00:00

Blastoise has joined the Pokémon Unite roster

All three original starter Pokemon are now in Unite thanks to the addition of Blastoise. The water-type bipedal turtle is a defender. This means their job is to protect teammates by taking the brunt of the enemy teams damage.

Here's everything you need to know about the addition of Blastoise to Pokemon Unite.

Blastoise Move-Set in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise follows the same format as all other characters in the game. They have a passive ability as well as early, mid and late game abilities.


Blastoise Passive Ability

  • Torrent - When Blastoise is at half HP or less, its attack and special attack are increased.

Blastoise Early-Game Abilities

  • Water Gun - Attack with a shot of water that pushes enemies and decreases movement speed.
  • Skull Bash - Ram into an enemy leaving them stunned for a short time

Blastoise Mid-Game Abilities

  • Hydro Pump - Blast enemies with water and push them back
  • Water Spout - Shoot water at enemies to decrease their movement speed within an AoE

Blastoise Late-Game Abilities

  • Surf - Ride a wave, charging forward and stunning enemies in its path. Blastoise is immune to negative effects while using Surf

Rapin Spin - Blastoise spins rapidly while attacking with their basic, hydro pump and water spout attacks.

Blastoise Special Ability

  • Hydro Typhoon - Blastoise spouts water while spinning, pushing enemies back and giving Blastoise a shield.

Pokemon Unite Mobile Release Date

Pokemon Unite is coming to mobile on 22 September. As part of the lead up to this, they are asking for pre-registers on mobile app stores.

As they reach certain milestones, players will unlock freebies when the game launches. Currently, over 5 million players have pre-registered so far. Mobile players will also be gifted Zeraora when they log into the game for the first time.