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Pokemon Unite Tier List: Which character is the best?

Pokemon Unite has a roster of 21 characters with each divided into 5 different roles: Attacker, Speedster, Defender, All-Rounder, and Supporter.

We've ranked them to show which you should put your time into for the time being!

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Before starting this list, we are sharing the positive experience of most players in using certain characters. However, dedication and practice with any hero can lead to lethal combinations - so don't feel handcuffed to Pokemon that rank the highest.

Image of a classification of pokemons ranking their abilities in Pokemon Unite
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POKEMON TIER LIST: Time to define which Pokemon are on the meta

S - Meta Pokemon

  • Gardevoir (Attacker): The brand new unit, provides burst damage with a very large range.
  • Snorlax (Defender): It is simply the best defender. It can block several enemies, AoE stun and his damage is still considerable.
  • Gengar (Speedster): Its invisibility and great mobility makes it very fun to play. It has great burst damage.
  • Lucario (All-Arounder): With probably the best early game and the ability to reduce the cooldown of its abilities, gives advantage in a 10 mins match.
  • Alolan Ninetales (Attacker): It is more tanky, it has great dmg and high crowd control skills.

A - Great Pokemon

  • Zeraora (Speedster): Has incredible high damage input, decent mobility, and easy to use skills. However, skills are simple and predictable.
  • Eldegoss (Supporter): The best support and best healer, however you will suffer in most cases in solo Q.
  • Cramorant (Attacker): it seems to be the most balanced attacker, good early game and not so squishy. Although, its Unite Move is steady in one spot and its damage decay a bit in late game.
  • Absol (Speedster): Fast and powerful with the best early game among speedsters, but its damage is not as good at the end of the match and their combos are not very easy.
  • Slowbro (Defender): It is the very definition of a defensive character, very tanky, good blocking; even tough is slow and unfortunately its Unit Move yet powerful only control one Pokemon at the time.
  • Pikachu (Attacker): Good range, great damage decent mobility, easy to use. You can not go wrong if you pick Pikachu as your first companion. On the other hand, he is super squishy.

B - Good Pokemon

skills, they can be use as counters or to create very specific team compositions.

  • Greninja (Attacker): very weak in early game, skills are very situational and difficult to learn.
  • Cinderance (Attacker): Has a very straightforward set with good damage. Maybe tier A Pokemon if you master its dmg immunity.
  • Crustle (Defender): it is very good if you plan to only play defense. At the same time, only defending is no the best strategy.
  • Wigglytuff (Supporter): Its viability could increase if a solid strategy for it is found, but in the current meta does not seem to have place for its skills.
  • Garchomp (All Arounder): The strongest in late game, consequently in short matches players have no time to see its potential.

C - Okay Pokemon

These Pokemon will require some boost so they can be ideal to play.

  • Talonflame (Speedster): Do not be surprised if you dominate most games when you pick this bird as your first companion. The mobility is superb and you do good damage; but once you progress in the game, you will realize its skill are very poor in team fights and most likely you will be eliminated first.
  • Charizard (All Arounder): It is a fan favorite and an obvious pick; but its speed is bad, the moves fall short, and you will feel you are dragging him on the battlefield.
  • Machamp (All Arounder): It is good for keeping pressure and very simple to use. But at the end, it does not feel more than just good. Nothing special. Not very fun.

D - Niche Pokemon

As we mentioned every Pokémon in the right hands can be deadly. But so far these ones look very situational.

  • Venusaur (Attacker): It is the most simple of sets. As an attacker, can do damage but has very low HP. It lacks mobility so you have to be great at positioning. If you want to survive or join team fights and be useful.
  • Mr. Mime (Supporter): It is very bad at scoring. Low mobility. Low damage. Sort of decent skills nevertheless, the current meta is not kind with supporters.

This is the current meta for Pokemon Unite. If the game follows the path of most MOBAs, the abilities and stats of the Pokemon will be constantly adjusted - as we've seen with the first ever Pokemon Unite balance patch post-launch.

You can also expect a change of strategies and composition from players of other platforms once the game is released for IOS and Android this upcoming September.