NHL 24 Gameplay Trailer: Exciting new features can take the title to a new level

NHL 24

NHL 24

NHL 24 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The game is still far from launch, but EA Sports has already released its gameplay trailer. This edition will introduce plenty of new features, that can take the gameplay to a new level.

Among the new features, we have the Exhaust Engine, the revamped Physics-Based Contact system, and the Vision Passing System. All of these features change how the game is played, and provide players a more immersive experience.

Without further ado, let's check out all the gameplay changes coming to NHL 24.

NHL 24 Exhaust Engine

NHL 24 is introducing the Exhaust Engine. This new feature rewards "extended offensive events and attack zone time". According to the EA Sports developers, it makes the game more exciting, immersive, and authentic.

NHL 24
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If players manage to keep the pressure on the attacking zone, they will trigger a perk. This perk is called "Sustained Pressure", lasts for 30 seconds, and lowers the defender's attributes.

This creates much more space for attackers to explore and allows them to set up dangerous plays. For the defenders, it forces them to change their defensive tactics. That's because their skating ability is affected, and the goalie suffers a lot of fatigue.

New passing system

The game is also introducing a new passing system. This system will make passing much more accurate, and give players the option to perform one-touch passes.

NHL 24
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With one-touch passes, players can create fast counterattacks, by quickly moving the puck around the ice. It helps players create many more dangerous attacks and goal opportunities.

NHL 24 new control layout

NHL 24 is presenting a new control layout, that is much more intuitive, and also easier for new players. With the new control layout, players can perform moves with a single click of a button.

NHL 24
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This is great for players who had a hard time performing some of the most difficult moves. Now, even beginner players can do all the dekes in the game, and create special plays.

Players will have full control over every single skill move, which makes the game more fun to play.

Physics-Based Contact system

Everyone knows that ice hockey is a very physical sport. The new Physics-Based contact system highlights that, by creating more realistic collision mechanics.

Players are now able to shove opponents with a flick of the right stick. This allows them to create separation from opponents. The big body checks were also improved, with players who receive a big body check having their stamina recovery time increased.

NHL 24
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NHL 24 is also introducing a new hip-check button. This feature helps defenders seal off the wall when attacking players try to drive down the outside.

It's also possible for users to throw opponents over the board and onto the bench. Breaking the glass is also possible in the upcoming edition.

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