NHL 24: New features, gameplay changes, Cross-Play & more

NHL 24

NHL 24

NHL 24 is one of the most anticipated sports games of 2023. So, fans were eager to see which new features would be added, and what the game looked like.

Fortunately for the NHL community, EA Sports has revealed all the details about NHL 24. It announced plenty of new features, the revamping of old ones, and some massive gameplay. This comes just two days after the cover athlete was revealed.

Because of these changes, it's safe to say that no other hockey game has ever come close to delivering such a realistic experience. The players' gaming experience and immersion were vastly improved.

So, let's find out everything about NHL 24.

NHL 24 gameplay changes

The most important thing for fans is always gameplay changes. Gameplay is crucial in sports games and plays a huge role in the success or failure of a title.

NHL 24 gameplay
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Because of that, fans were eager to see what changes would be made in order to balance the gameplay and make it feel even more realistic.

So, let's take a look at all the gameplay changes below.

Exhaust Engine

NHL 24 first big gameplay change is the introduction of the Exhaust Engine. This new feature rewards "extended offensive events and attack zone time". According to the developers, it makes the game more exciting and authentic.

If players manage to keep the pressure on the attacking zone, they will trigger a perk. This perk is called "Sustained Pressure", lasts for 30 seconds, and lowers the defender's attributes.

NHL 24 gameplay footage
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This creates much more space for attackers to explore and allows them to set up dangerous plays.

For the defenders, it forces them to change their defensive tactics. That's because their skating ability is affected, and the goalie suffers a lot of fatigue.

The more fatigued the goalie is, the harder it is for him to stop shoots, with each shoot wearing him down. To counter this effect the defensive team needs to clear the puck for five continuous seconds.

Physics-based contact was revamped

There are few sports more physical than ice hockey. These new NHL 24 features were added to reflect just that. With the physical system being massively revamped. New controls were also included, as well as new mechanics.

Now, players can quickly shove opponents with a flick in the right stick. This allows them to create separation from the opponent and generate quick counterattacks.

Big body checks were also revamped. They are a more effective tool to use and affect the stamina of opponents.

NHL 24 gameplay
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If the player who receives a big body check already has low stamina, his recovery time will increase significantly. This will give players a massive advantage.

There is also a new hip-check button, that helps defenders seal off the wall when attacking players try to drive down the outside.

Big checks open more turnover opportunities. However, if you don't connect them, you will be out of position. So, it's a more high-risk high-reward mechanic.

Furthermore, you can also send your opponents over the board and into the bench, as well as breaking the glass.

New control layout

NHL 24 decide it was time to implement a new control layout. One that would be more intuitive and easy for players.

With this control layout, players can use an ability with the click of a single button. It's also easier for users to do "highlight-reel moves", giving players full control over skill moves.

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NHL 24 cover
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The human goalie controls also underwent some changes. Now, players can slide back and forth to make great saves. These new goalie controls are also more intuitive and reduce the chance of players being caught out of position.

The instinct system feature was also introduced. It lets goalie players guess the locations of the shoot on a save attempt, giving them a bonus. Guessing wrongly increases changes of the puck going in.

In NHL 24, players also have a new ability, that allows them to "fake, pass, or deke out of every move".

NHL 24 passing system changes

The passing system was also reworked and received some new features.

In NHL 24, players have the ability to do one-touch passing. This lets players quickly move the puck around the ice, creating more dangerous attacks and goal opportunities.

It's also worth noting that, the icons above pass receivers have changed.


When it comes to cross-play, not much has changed. Players can only play with other players that are on consoles of the same generation. So, PS5 players can't play with Xbox One users.

The HUT and WOC game modes are the only modes that support cross-play, for now.

Hockey Ultimate Team

The biggest news in NHL 24 HUT, is the addition of the HUT Moments. The feature allows players to relive historic hockey moments, that could have happened 15 years ago or just last week.

NHL 24 cover
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By completing these moments, players will win plenty of rewards, which they can use to upgrade their squad.

HUT also announced the Objectives 2.0 system. It's a "real-time objective-tracking system", that is based on player cards, teams, and more. It makes it easier for players to track their progress, and see which rewards they are close to obtaining.

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