NHL 21 World of Chel Season 4 Begins With Placements

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NHL 21 continues to get better while we get closer to NHL 22, and today, it starts with the new World of Chel Season 4 launch.

Here's what's coming with World of Chel Season 4 in NHL 21.

When Does Chel Season 4 End?

Each new NHL 21 World of Chel season runs for between 6 and 8 weeks - which means we expect Chel Season 6 will run until around May 14th.

New Traits

The new World of Chel Season 4 launch introduces new traits that players can bring into their games.

The new Season 6 World of Chel trait is Back Checker which will help plenty on defense with its blue and purple versions to choose from.

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Club Finals

The last weeks of each new Chel season end in the infamous Club Finals, where players push to perform their best on the biggest stage.

NHL 21 World of Chel Cup Club Final Banner
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THE PRIZE: Only the truly elite NHL 21 Chel players can put up a banner

These Club Finals support 3v3 and 6v6 formats where teams will contend for the top spot and cup by the end of the season!

What's Coming in NHL 22?

While NHL 21 continues to grow with new content for World of Chel and HUT game modes, fans are looking forward to what's next with NHL 22.


While we don't have many reveals for the upcoming game, it has all the potential to build on NHL 21 massively with the use of next gen console technology.

It goes without saying that with next gen incorporated, fan expectations will be higher than ever (and deservingly so).

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